PARTY FOUL: Escaped inmate captured at his birthday party

A criminal on the run from Connecticut officials was apprehended at a birthday celebration in Georgia on Saturday.

Forenza Murphy, 31, was arrested in McDonough by the Henry County Sheriff’s Office’s Special Investigation Unit on Saturday, according to the sheriff’s office.

Deputies got information that Murphy was celebrating his birthday at a family member’s home.

He was arrested at his house on Saturday afternoon.

If anyone make it into Henry County, they’ll get on ones tail, and won’t stop until he/she is apprehended, Sheriff Reginald Scandrett stated on Facebook.

Murphy was serving a four-year term in a Connecticut Department of Corrections halfway house in Bridgeport on a burglary conviction when he departed without authorization.

Scandrett went on to say that Murphy’s arrest was the result of a “fantastic cooperation attempt” with Connecticut DOC.

Murphy has been placed into the Henry County Jail and will face more charges.

Murphy has been on the run since August 8, according to the sheriff’s office.

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