Pastor Held A Vote To Have A Woman Excommunicated Not Only From The Church But The Entire Denomination. The Result Is Stunning.

So my father is a pastor, he’s led several congregations and helped many people. I have never once seen him get angry or upset at anyone (no matter how badly they treat him). He is understanding and kind to the point where several people without a father still call him “dad.”

My sister ended up with a rare illness and had several doctors appointments and missed a ton of school and everything. She is just as kind and compassionate as my father and quite sensitive, but also strong willed. Throughout her illness (still ongoing after 15 years) she remained positive, still graduated high school on time and finished med school.

Now that you have the backgrounds of the innocent, let’s move to dumb cunt. This was a woman that insulted everyone in the church and was a constant source of tension. But, being a congregation about love and growing as a person, they just kept praying that she would eventually see the errors of her ways and realize that she is the least godly among the group (never happened afaik). These prayers continued until she messed with my sister and told her “the reason you are ill is because you are a bad person and you need to pray to god for forgiveness… you’ll know when god accepts you back because you will be healed.” I know, right.

Eventually my sister told our family about it over the dinner table and my fathers kindness stayed the same… but only on the outside… because 2 weeks later he held a vote to have this woman excommunicated from not only the church, but the entire denomination.

It was the only time he has ever done this, and the only time I have ever witnessed him exact revenge on someone. But it was glorious. She stormed out when the vote was announced and tried to get my father kicked out before the vote could happen, but everyone already knew about her bullshit, so she was out. I never saw her again and I hope she is rotting in a gutter somewhere.

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