Pastor’s wife critically injured after being shot with random bullet while sleeping – “I couldn’t protect her”

Life is full of surprises and highs and lows that you never anticipate. No time is certain, and the most unexpected things may occur to pull the rug out from under us.

This family was fast asleep until an unexpected incident turned their world upside down in seconds…

Mack Ellison, a pastor of Temple of Faith Ministries, was in bed with his wife Lashuna. On Wednesday night, about 12:30 a.m., the Pastor awoke to the sound of his wife breathing hard.

Ellison then shook his wife to elicit a reaction and learn what was happening, but she remained silent. At this time, he summoned his kids to assist in turning her over in bed since she appeared unresponsive.

That’s when they recognized there was a big problem and they noticed blood everywhere, Ellison recounts.

Lashuna was transported to Grady Memorial Hospital by her relatives. Doctors discovered a gunshot in her brain and determined that it was the source of her bleeding.

The family was taken aback and perplexed. They returned home to check for gunshot holes in their wall. They run back in the home and they see where it went through the wall, and just where she was resting, Ellison recalls, adding, it went through the headboard and straight into the top of his wife’s head and stopped here in her sinus.

An investigation is presently ongoing to determine where the bullet originated from, but officials have no idea.

It hit his wife, and she is currently battling for her life, Ellison explained. A critical situation. Nonetheless, they are praying, and they want the prayers of all petitioners, family, and friends.

Ellison, as a Pastor, is doing his best to remain calm and pray. However, as a human, he is very disturbed that such a mindless act of aggression could occur as the couple slept peacefully in their own bed.

One can’t just grab a pistol and discharge it in the air without thinking about what’s on the other side, Ellison explained. Because what’s on the other side isn’t simply a tree; it’s somebody’s wife, daughter, or family.”

The Pastor is upset since this was such an unplanned situation and he couldn’t do anything to avoid it. His job is to defend his wife, and he couldn’t protect her, he adds.

This is a tragic situation that emphasizes how valuable life is. In this sad time, we are sending prayers to Pastor Ellison’s wife and family.

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