People Are Loving How This Leech Son Finally Got What He Deserved After Living Off Of His Parents’ Income For 31 Years.

Being self-sufficient, strong, and capable of carrying your own weight are all attributes that have been appreciated throughout history and continue to be so now. Sleeping in late, failing to hold a job, and spending all day playing video games are hardly things that an adult should be proud of. Though we all develop at various rates, most people agree that a 31-year-old should work and not spend an entire day playing video games. Someone in this story described how their ‘man-baby’ sibling was ultimately forced to ‘leave the nest,’ causing tantrum after tantrum. Read the story and what would you do in such a situation.

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My brother is 31 years old. In his time on earth, he has not had to lift a finger to keep any of his needs met. He dropped out of college after less than half a semester because he could not bother rolling out of bed before noon to take the car our parents got him to class. He’s worked a combination of 2 and a half months in his entire life. He lost his first job at a dairy queen because he swore at a mother over the drive-through speakers, and lost his second because he got caught stealing from the till of a family-owned restaurant. He has spent the last 8 years rolling out of bed at 2 pm to do nothing but play video games and troll discord servers to find someone just as pathetic as him to hang out with. It does not help that he’s an annoying, violent, self-centered brat who would push my parents in front of a bus for the thrill of the dopamine hit.

My parents always tried their best with us. They gave us everything we ever needed in life and then some. They have always been more than understanding to all of their children. For me and my two siblings who are worth something, it lead to incredible performances in academia, well-paying jobs, and an amazing start to our adult lives. I wish I could commend them for the 75% success rate. But, they have allowed the man baby to sit in his cradle and make demands for 31 years too long. And now, they find themselves with an overgrown toddler who sits in the attic playing valorant all day while cursing my mom out when she dares to ask him to clean up the rotting garbage he spreads across his room.

Last year, dad had a stroke. He is now at a point where he needs 24-hour care from a professional. My mother is burned out. She retired when dad had the stroke to take care of him, and it’s done more damage to their relationship than 33 years of marriage could ever do. It does not help that they are perpetually harassed by the child demanding his dinner be delivered to him while he screams at teenagers over the internet.

Me, all my human siblings, and my parents have been talking for months now about solutions. At the beginning of the month, we decided dad is going to a care center. Mom will sell the house to move to a 55+ community close to dad, and the man baby will hopefully find a box with an internet connection. Mom and dad have always protected him, but my guess is the stroke finally woke them up to the reality of the situation. Yeah, it sucks, and they are to blame for allowing him to get to this point. But, there comes a time to cut your losses and admit you messed up and move on. It’s a shame all of the man babies’ siblings, including myself, hate his guts. None of us care what happens to him, and it’s interesting to say that out loud now that I think about it.

I got the privilege to be there yesterday when he got the news. Mom’s going to be moving in with sis till the house sells, dads going to the care center next week, and movers will be clearing the place out starting pretty much now. He has a month, the eviction process is already rolling. The non-emergency line already knows that his temperamental and violent behind has been served and is ready to respond if he does something stupid. Oh, and our firefighter neighbor will be over in only a few minutes if he needs his a** put in gear on short notice.

It was wonderful. His meltdown was legendary. He actually stomped his feet and screamed that it’s not fair. Said he was going to sue us all, screamed in an elderly man’s face saying he wants to kick his a*. He demanded to know what we were going to do to help him find a place to live, how much money we were going to give him to make sure he didn’t end up on the streets, and asked what he’s supposed to do about the fact he was saving his money to buy a new graphics card. He somehow still does not understand exactly what he is now facing. He’s now not talking to mom or dad, he’s locked himself in his room since last night and only comes out to use the restroom and take food from the pantry that will not be filling itself anymore. It’s great as my brother is staying there and working remotely to make sure he does not try anything, and to update me and my sister on the man-babies tantrum.

I’m looking forward to next month, it will be the best reality television I’ve seen in a while.

Quick update:

The man-baby has not gotten violent, luckily. He has made everyone’s life a living hell, however. He says he’s found a place to live though and says he’ll be out by the end of the month.

The OP wrapped up the story in an update that many internet users were eagerly waiting for

Hello again everyone! I never expected my last post to get popular but it was a present surprise. Anyways, here’s the update!

So, after where my original post left off not much happened at first. The man-baby sulked and gave my parents the silent treatment until both of them moved out of the house. He had a bit of a tantrum when he realized that my brother would not be buying groceries for him and he would, gasp, have to spend his computer fund to feed himself.

After mom moved out I think that’s when it hit him that this was happening and no amount of sulking and bi**hing would stop the eviction date from coming any closer. He had a massive tantrum a few nights after mom moved out, he blew up the family group chat demanding we help him find a place to live and give him money for a deposit. I responded with a gif of a laughing cat and my sister blocked his number. He and our brother got into a fight, but like I always thought he was too cowardly to actually do anything so he sulked to his room.

Skipping every little petty and childish thing he did over the month, he in the end did find a place to actually live. He started to do uber to make some cash while he claims to look for a job, we’ll see how that turns out. Anyway, from what I understand he knows someone locally that he plays video games with and the guy hooked him up with a cheap place to live. And when I say cheap, I mean CHEAP. I ended up offering to help the man’s baby move to his new place and got a first-hand look at the crack house he’s now living in. He’s living in a room above the garage in a 3 bedroom, rundown crackhouse straight out of Compton. The place has fiber internet though, which was the must-have feature for my brother apparently. I didn’t get a single thanks for helping him move and he demanded I buy him lunch afterward, I left him hungry.

Anyways, we’ll see how long this lasts as the man baby still seems to insist on not getting an actual job and thinks if he begs me and my family for money he’ll get by. He apparently has already nearly depleted his graphics card fund and is blowing my mom up asking for a thousand dollars so it seems to be going well for him. He did ask me for money when I was helping him move and I told him that McDonald’s is always hiring. He scoffed and told me he was “too good for that.” I guess we’ll see how long that lasts.

Anyways, the man-baby has left the building.

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