Petrified Parents Indebted To Heroic Pitbull For Pulling Their Seven-Month-Old Infant To Safety During Housefire.

Pitbulls can often get a bad rap. Many people know them only as aggressive, dangerous dogs. But that certainly is not the real story. And Latana Chai, a mother of two in California, could tell you all about that.

Latana was asleep in her home one night when her pitbull, Sasha, started barking, and running wildly back and forth. Latana knew something was wrong, so she quickly got up and looked out her front door. The neighbor’s house was going up in flames, and it was starting to spread to Latana’s home. Latana immediately turned and could think of nothing more than the safety of her two young daughters, one of them only 7 months old.

But before she could do anything, Sasha had already sank her teeth into little Masailah’s diaper and was pulling her outside to safety. That dog, a pitbull, was not gonna let anything happen to her little friend. Latana then grabbed her other child and everyone made it out safely.

Just goes to show, you can’t believe everything you read… or hear. 

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