PHOTO: Fed-Up With Dog Feces In Her Yard, Woman Gets Perfect Revenge.

A lady in Los Angeles, only identified as ‘Annie’, had had enough of individuals who let their dogs poop in her garden and then refused to clean it up as they were meant to. She eventually chose to do something about the bad behavior and erected a notice in her neighborhood warning any dog walkers precisely what she would do if she saw them allowing their dog to defecate in her yard.

The message was scribbled on cardboard and pasted to a sign near the junction of Wilshire Boulevard and Sweetzer Avenue. According to a Reddit user who posted a photo of Annie’s sign, the next time someone doesn’t clean up Fido’s chocolate stink biscuits, Annie pledged to follow them home, wait until they get inside, and then “take a huge dump” on a thing or two of theirs, leaving a mess for them to clean up so they understand how it feels.

Annie doesn’t mince words when she addresses the message to the next individual who lets their dog poop on our lawn and doesn’t clean it up. She added that, firstly, it is quite impolite. They pay a lot of money to live here, and it’s not a toilet. Secondly, if one can’t pick up one’s dog’s poop, one shouldn’t have a dog, she went on to say.

She cautioned that they’re keeping an eye on one. The next time anyone let their dog poop on the lawn and don’t pick it up, she will personally accompany them back to one’s home, wait until one get inside, pull down her pants and take a huge dump on their doorstep and on the windscreen of their car, she added.

Yes, Annie not only threatened to pee on the dog owner’s doorstep, but she also said that she would pinch it off so she could go over to the dog owner’s vehicle windscreen and continue the job there. Although this is odd and conjures up a vivid mental picture, Annie makes a solid point in her remark. She pays a lot of money to live in her neighborhood, and her yard should not be used as a communal toilet for dogs whose owners are lazy.

There are a lot of awful, dirty, psychopathically self-absorbed individuals in LA who leave dog sh*t all over the place. It’s incredible how much dog poop you see on the sidewalks in some neighborhoods, stated one sympathetic Californian. So it’s no surprise Annie feels compelled — no pun intended — to respond with her own feces the next time her yard is violated. Granted, her promised method of retaliation is filthy and ludicrous, and she will almost certainly be jailed, but people should be more mindful of other people’s property.

Many dog owners seem to think that Annie has every right to be irritated by the rude behavior, as do they. “As a dog owner, this irritates me like nothing else. I live in a neighborhood with a lot of dogs, and there is dog feces everywhere. There are several buildings nearby with free poop bags and garbage cans, but folks are f***ing lazy. “There have been times when I ran out of bags, but I’ve always returned to get more,” one Redditor noted.

“I feel like non-dog owners give me the stink eye whenever I’m walking my dog, and I understand,” said another irritated dog owner. “They’re not sure if I’m one of those jerks who doesn’t pick up after my dog.” A security officer even yelled ‘EXCUSE ME’ when my dog puked. It wasn’t even 10 seconds after he left that she felt compelled to call across the street to me.”

Maybe the most endearing aspect of Annie’s sign is the way she sarcastically signs off with “Love, Annie.” Yeah, I’m not sure the guilty person is feeling much love after reading the scathing message about their dog’s excrement that was left for them. Perhaps they were embarrassed into submission. However, there is no news on whether Annie was actually obliged to carry out her threat.

A piece of advice to any slacker dog owners out there: just shovel the feces. When you brought your beloved dog into your household, you accepted that duty. Do the proper thing so that the world doesn’t become overrun by mad, deuce-dropping Annies.

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