Heartbreaking Photo Shows Man Taking Wife’s Ashes To Valentine’s Day Lunch.

Life is full of obstacles; the best way to overcome them is to maintain a good connection with the one you love. When you tell your partner that you love them no matter what, it gives them confidence and strengthens your bond. You don’t need a special day or occasion to show how much you care for someone. Read this touching story and remember to express your love since you never know when you won’t be able to. 

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You know? We are all guilty of taking our other half for granted from time to time. We may forget to give a goodbye kiss, say I love you or just be so caught up in what we are doing at the moment that we don’t notice the very little things that mean so much to our special someone.

I saw something today that has made me remember that we won’t always have each other to hold, talk to, love, play with or even just aggravate every now and then.

This picture speaks loudly and it may hurt your heart as it has mine. This man looks like he is spending Valentine’s Day alone at first glance but that is actually his wife in that very beautiful bottle sitting on the table.

Apparently his love for her was and still is very strong as he takes her ashes out for a Valentine’s lunch date together. He even bought her a glass of wine….

Please love your Sweetheart while you have the opportunity, you never know what tomorrow will bring or take away!

Happy Valentine’s Day All!!!

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