Photographer Captures Family’s Final Moments Hours Before Fatal Crash That Killed All Five Members.

After the family she captured was murdered in a vehicle accident less than 12 hours after their first shot, an Ohio photographer reflects on one of her most recent sessions. She stated that even though she didn’t know them well, this news has crushed her, and she can’t fathom what their family and friends are going through. 

Rhae Harris, 45, of Delta, Ohio-based Rhae Rose Photography, stated on her Facebook page that she had been in communication with Muriel Michael, 28, about shooting the family of five for some time. On Saturday, March 26, the two finally met. 

She expressed the children were simply so well behaved and lovely, and Riggs, the baby, was the finest one-year-old she has ever had. He was overjoyed, grinned at her, and even yelled CHEEEEESSEEEEE a couple times. 

Muriel, her life partner, Xavier Brown, 25, and their one-year-old baby Riggs Brown, as well as Muriel’s son and daughter, Aurora Michael, 7, and Deklin Jankowski, 9, posed for Easter photographs. 

Rhae stated that you could sense how much the family adored each other just looking at their photos. She was looking forward to working with Muriel again since Muriel wanted to utilise Rhae for her engagement and wedding shots. Unfortunately, Rhae would never work with the family again because the family of five was killed in a car accident shortly after their shoot. 

As per Ohio State Highway Patrol, Zane Hull, 21, was travelling westbound on County Road H when he failed to yield and collided with Muriel’s car, which was travelling south on County Road 14 in Clinton Township. 

Xavier and Deklin were killed on the spot. Aurora and Riggs were transferred to Mercy Health St. Vincent Medical Center but died as a result of their wounds. Muriel was also transferred to a hospital. She passed away on Monday night. 

The driver of the second vehicle was just slightly injured. 

A GoFundMe page has been set up to assist the family of five with burial costs. More than $40,000 has been raised in only one day. This serves as a reminder of how valuable life is. Nothing should ever be taken for granted. 

Please spread the word and say a prayer for this family’s loved ones.

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