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PHOTOS: Women Viciously Attacked During 30-Minute ‘Feeding Frenzy’

On an average Thursday evening, Isabella George, 19, and Rebekah Forgey, 20, were out running on a remote road in Carroll County, Indiana, when things took a horrific turn. The two cousins were out for a run when they were attacked by a ferocious pack of four voracious pit bulls that came at them from an unmanaged, tree-lined property.

Panicked and afraid, the ladies ran through a field towards Isabella’s house, but the dogs caught up with them and dragged them to the ground, ripping at their skin. The “feeding frenzy” lasted a horrific 30 minutes before the duo was rescued. They did not, however, escape unharmed.

When the ladies struggled for half an hour to keep the dogs at bay but couldn’t get away from them, the savage canines took the majority of one cousin’s scalp off and left the other with serious scars all over her body. Rebekah was sent to critical care after 75 percent of her scalp was ripped off, while Isabella had severe puncture wounds all over her body.

Isabella’s mother, Shena George, has already posted photographs of her daughter after the incident. The adolescent is seen in the images with significant puncture wounds from the dogs’ jaws covering much of her body. The graphic images show Isabella being bitten from head to toe, with deep puncture wounds and big bruises all over her body.

Isabella, on the other hand, who was healing at home immediately after the incident, did significantly better than her cousin. Despite being reported in stable condition, Rebekah was evacuated to another hospital and admitted to the intensive care unit. She will apparently need surgery, including muscle and skin transplants, to reconstruct areas of her body where the pack of pit bulls tore pieces of flesh and muscle off her.

It’s like something out of a horror film. When she saw Isabella and Rebekah, they were bloodied and mauled. Shena recalls that it was awful. Rebekah has had 75% of her scalp removed. She will be unable to regrow her hair. She wasn’t sure Rebekah would make it.

He is simply glad she’s alive. Isabella’s father, Derrick George, remarked, shaking his head, She has bite marks all over her body.

She was putting her arms up, trying to defend herself, and the dogs just kept running at her, so she got it very severely on her right side, said Isabella’s boyfriend, Curtis Conklin. From what he is hearing from the family, she’s getting muscle put back on her leg transplanted, and 75 percent of her hair was ripped out, and she had to undergo skin grafts, he said of Rebekah.

The Forgey family reports that Rebekah is in stable condition in the intensive care unit. Please pray against infection in her wounds, the Life Gate Church, where the cousins worship, said on Facebook. The dogs did not assault her lovely face, they clarified.

While their wounds are very painful, the ladies are extremely fortunate to be alive. In fact, the assault was only stopped when a driver, upon seeing the attack, drove her truck into the field, dispersing the dogs and hauling the ladies into her car before calling 911. Authorities eventually found and killed all four dogs.

According to the police, who have asked prosecutors to file charges against the dogs’ owner, the animals had not been fed, which may have contributed to their hostility. Richard Darter, who brought himself up, has subsequently been charged with eight counts of dog bite responsibility for inflicting severe bodily damage.

Last night, it was described to him as a feeding frenzy, and the ladies were basically doing whatever they could to defend themselves from the dogs, Carroll County Sheriff Toby Leazenby said. Based on the damage he has seen so far, she is afraid that these animals were actually feasting. He issued a harsh warning, stating that if one is going to possess an animal, they should take responsibility for it.

Once the 50-year-old dog owner attempted to halt the assault, Darter was bitten himself. He, too, was saved when a driver intervened after seeing the incident. Worse, Darter had previously been reprimanded for not managing his dogs and enabling them to run free on his property. The most recent citation was just a few months before the jogging cousins were attacked. His canines had already been involved in a biting incident two years ago.

Sheriff Leazenby described it as a “Godsend,” saying the odds of the driver travelling down the lonely rural road at that precise time were exceedingly unlikely. He believes it gave her a window of time to really collect the females and swiftly get them into her car, he said. Thankfully, this person was determined to help these ladies and get them out of that circumstance. Undoubtedly, the unnamed woman’s plan of action was not only bold but also intelligent. She fears to think what would have occurred if she hadn’t been in the right place at the right moment, ready to act.

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