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PICTURED: A two-year-old boy is brutally killed in front of his mother and sisters by two dogs.

Jyedon Pollard, a two-year-old toddler who died after being savagely bitten by two dogs at a remote roadside hotel.

A Rottweiler and a cow dog attacked the youngster in front of his mother and two sisters at the Country Gardens Motor Inn in Cowra, in NSW’s central west, shortly after 10 a.m. on Tuesday.

The two enormous canines are believed to be owned by hotel personnel, but they have both been seized by municipal rangers.

Jyedon’s bereaved mother, Kesha, had been staying at the hotel with her 3 kids while looking for a permanent place to live.

According to a bereaved relative, the youngsters had played with the dogs countless times without incident and did not regard them as a threat.

According to a family member, it was a ‘weird attack’ that occurred ‘for no known cause.’

He’s the most wonderful and gorgeous child; no one believes anything could have occurred to him.

Young Jyedon received significant neck and facial injuries and was transported to Cowra Hospital in critical condition by witnesses before being evacuated to Westmead Hospital in Sydney, where he died later that afternoon.

After word of the boy’s death spread across the close-knit community, heartfelt condolences filled Ms Pollard’s social media platforms.

In the aftermath of the atrocity, detectives set up a crime scene and cordoned off the location, but no charges have been filed.

The inquiry into the event is still ongoing, and a report for the coroner will be produced.

The Country Gardens Motor Inn does not accept pets and bills itself as a pleasant, calm motel situated on the outskirts of town in the quietest and most pleasant portion of Cowra.

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