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“PIECE OF SH*T”: Burger King Employee Goes On Racist Rant, Attacks “White” Couple.

A black Burger King waitress launched a racist tirade at a Hispanic couple she mistook for white. The surprising altercation occurred inside a Burger King drive-thru in North Miami Beach between an employee and a couple. Since then, the mobile video has gone viral.

Customers apparently wanted a refund when a manager touched her mobile phone while handling their meal. Failing to work with the two, the employee insulted them for being white, despite the fact that they are not. “Put it on Snapchat, b****! F*** you, you white piece of s**t!” she yelled at the couple, who were driving with a wailing infant in the vehicle. What do you think? F*** you.”

“We’re not even white… we’re Hispanic,” said the lady in the vehicle. “Get it right,” said another worker next to the irate employee before slamming the drive-thru window shut. The obstinate worker, however, reopened the window and called the lady a “fat b****” and a “f***ing wh***.”

“I don’t mind… “At least I’m not working at Burger King,” said the female customer. Infuriated, the employee said, “I don’t care.” B****, I have two parents, I go to school… this job, this money, is going to blow apart. So it does not matter.”

The male consumer informed the clerk that the refund request was unrelated to her. He claimed that she had no need to be so upset about the situation. “It has absolutely nothing to do with you,” he said. “I’m not even sure why you’re upset.”

Meanwhile, the second Burger King employee at the window said almost nothing throughout the encounter. She is seen processing receipts and seems anxious. It is unclear whether this is the manager who caused the consumer’s anxiety.

'We're Not Even White, We're Hispanic,' Burger King Employee Fired Over Racist Rant

'We're Not Even White, We're Hispanic,' Burger King Employee Fired Over Racist Rant

Posted by Being Latino on Friday, 9 November 2018

Apparently, the bigoted employee is no longer employed at Burger King. Her fast-food employment has been terminated. The conduct of this team member does not reflect the values of the Burger King brand, a Burger King spokeswoman told the Miami Herald. They have a zero-tolerance policy for this sort of behavior, and the person has been fired.

Burger King made a wise decision, despite the fact that they had no other option. When a video like this becomes viral, there is no denying who is to blame. Racism should not be tolerated in places of business. Maybe this young girl felt she could get away with it since racism is not often treated seriously, but she was greatly incorrect.

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