Pierce Brosnan shares heartfelt tribute to his wife Keely Shaye Smith on their 21st anniversary

Pierce Brosnan celebrated his wife Keely Shaye Brosnan 21st wedding anniversary with heartfelt greetings. On August 5, Brosnan uploaded an image to Instagram with a sweet remark to honor their 21st wedding anniversary. In his message, he stated, “Happy Anniversary, Keely; we danced that night and continue to do so now. I could do it all over again.” Shaye also shared the same photo, captioning it, “Happy Anniversary my darling.”

When Brosnan met Shaye, he was struggling with a painful loss. He lost his first wife, Cassandra Harris, to ovarian cancer in 1991. Brosnan’s adoptive daughter Charlotte also died of ovarian cancer, and losing two of his closest friends was a sad time for him. He has repeatedly mentioned that Keely liberated him from despair following a loss in his life. He has also stated that Keely is his strength and that he “wouldn’t be capable of surviving without” her.

Brosnan and Shaye met at a party in 1994 and hit it off right away. They wedded seven years later and have two children together, Dylan, 25, and Paris, 21. Brosnan has a son named Sean with his late wife Cassandra. After Cassandra’s dad, Dermot Harris, died in 1986, he adopted two more children, Chris and Charlotte.

Brosnan is still a magnetic actor, yet he is also known for having a gentle and sensitive demeanor, and he once rescued one of his co-stars’ lives after an intimate scene went wrong. He is also well-known among his admirers for his adoring connection with Keely. He remarked in 2017 that his wife  and he took a short road trip up to Santa Barbara – they were going for a romantic weekend and to look at properties and drink wonderful wine, but they didn’t listen to any music, they just listened to the sounds of each other’s voices and sorted out the world.

As previously reported, he has also supported his wife when remarks regarding Keely’s weight increase were made on social media. In response to a social media troll, he stated that friends offered her weight-loss surgery. But he likes every curve on her body. In his opinion, she is the most gorgeous woman. Also, she was the mother of his 5 kids.

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