Pit Bull’s Maternity Photoshoot Goes Viral ON FB.

Mama Pickles was spotted on the streets all alone. Someone had to do something. But don’t let that name fool you. Mama Pickles is a pitbull, and a very pregnant one at that. Soon, she was picked up by animal control officers and taken to a shelter, and a short time after that, her owners were able to be tracked down. But, sadly, her owners didn’t want her any more.

Fortunately, a nonprofit called Pits and Giggles wanted to take Mama in. The group specializes in taking care of pregnant and nursing dogs, along with their litters.

Says Lauren Sykes, a volunteer and photographer with the group: “Pits & Giggles Rescue has a mission like no other. They specialize in Maternity rescue and care. They save pregnant and nursing mama dogs from shelter and provide them with the care they need to bring their babies safely into the world. Prior to adoption, Mama and all puppies are fixed and are placed in the best homes according to their personality and needs! Photographing these mamas and their babies give them the exposure they need to get adopted!”

So Lauren started taking some pictures of Mama, and she put them out to the world. With Mama’s lovable face, it was quite the photoshoot, and the results were outstanding. That Mama sure knew how to strike a pose. Her belly was so big that Lauren and others couldn’t help but laugh at her clumsiness. But she certainly was special.

One of the big problems they had during the shoot was that Mama kept wanting to stop posing and start licking whoever was near her. And she wanted all the love they could give her.

Says Lauren: “She was so excited she could hardly sit still! Seeing Pickles sticking her tongue out, wagging her tail, and just being overall content was the most rewarding part. I could not thank the board and volunteers of Pits & Giggles enough that saved this sweet mama.”

And just after the photo shoot? Well, Mama decided it was a good time to have those babies. So she did. She gave birth to eight healthy little puppies. And every single one of them was a girl.

Perhaps they will all grow up and be just as photogenic as their precious Mama. Actually as you can see they already are.

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