Pizza Delivery Driver Shoots And Kills 15-Yr-Old Armed Robber, Faces Possible Indictment.

Papa John’s pizza delivery driver probably felt safe when he left for a delivery because he had a concealed carry permit and a gun that was easy to get to. However, the law itself posed the greatest danger to him, not armed criminals.

A food delivery driver in northeast Dallas was attacked for the second time in a week, putting people on high alert. The unidentified employee was delivering pizza to an apartment complex just after 10 p.m. when he was accosted by two armed bandits with malicious intentions.

A pair of 15-year-old men reportedly grabbed the motorist at gunpoint and demanded that he give over all of his valuables. Nevertheless, rather than emptying his pockets, the driver drew his own weapon and shot both would-be thieves.

Based on the cops, both suspects were shot, with one suspect succumbing to his wounds and the other getting emergency care at a nearby hospital. Unbelievably, the pizza delivery guy escaped unharmed. His woes, though, were only starting.

Despite claiming self-defense, the pizza delivery man might face felony charges for killing the teenage burglars. Even if cops have found no cause to arrest the individual, he may still be held liable for murder or other crimes by the court.

In accordance with usual procedure for similar situations in Dallas, prosecutors will now bring a case to a grand jury to assess the driver’s behavior. Papa John’s said that they are working with law enforcement officials; however, they would not comment on what the driver alleged occurred or if they let staff carry firearms on the job.

Abigail Tooley, defending the driver, said that her buddy was only defending himself from a much worse fate. She repeated the purported logic of the driver, adding that he had analyzed the circumstances and concluded that opening fire was the only way to secure his own safety.

According to authorities, the 15-year-old defendant was a student at Idea Academy in Dallas ISD. The wounded defendant is still in police custody and has been charged with aggravated robbery. Due of their ages, neither suspect’s identification has been released.

The event followed an assault on another delivery driver at Midtown condominiums some days before. The driver was shot five times while delivering an order. He miraculously survived the wounds and is now in stable condition. The culprit was apprehended at the scene of the crime.

If the Papa John’s delivery driver’s account of the event is accurate, it would be awful for him to face criminal prosecution. That would not be the first time a person has been found criminally liable for acting in self-defense.

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