Plane passengers scream at mum who jumped the queue with three-month-old baby.

Traveling with little kids may be an absolute misery. Thankfully, travelers frequently sympathize with parents experiencing the difficult task and provide accommodations when possible. However, one mother has been chastised for going too far after skipping ahead of a long check-in queue at an airport while traveling with her three-month-old infant. The mom did not believe she was doing anything illegal because another mother had informed her she could. Read the story to know what happened and what would you do in such a situation.

Source: Mumsnet

DH-Dear husband —-DC–dear child

DH, DC (3 months) and I were flying for the first time today to see family, long expected break!

We had booked priority, lounges and everything we could to relieve a bit of the stress.

Priority queue was quite long to check in luggage and we started queuing nicely.

Another mum came along and told us we could jump the queue which we did gladly as the baby started stirring a little bit.

However it enraged some of the people in the queue, literally shouting that it was very out of order and that there was no such thing as baby class, and what is wrong with you people etc.

Interestingly, every other step in the airport (security, customs, boarding) we were invited nicely by the staff to jump the queue.

Is It Ok To Jump The Queue When With An Infant?

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