Plus-size TikTok star SLAMS ranch for not allowing her to ride horses due to her weight

Remi Bader, a plus-sized influencer, has criticised a Hamptons ranch after being denied down for ‘weighing excessively’ – before the owner’s son labelled her a ‘fat b****’ on social media.

Remi, who rose to prominence on TikTok by posting ‘realistic apparel hauls’ and try-ons,’ visited Deep Hollow Ranch in Montauk, New York, this weekend while on a press tour for Jon Bon Voji’s rosé Hampton Water.

However, while the majority of the pictures and videos posted on social media by her fellow influencers showed a giggling bunch of social media stars having a great time in the exclusive Long Island area, Remi later uncovered that there was a terrible reality behind the other attendees’ glossy Instagram-ed encounters.

The internet celebrity told her story on TikTok, where she recorded a video alleging that Deep Hollow Ranch, which charges $250 plus 22% tip for a 30-minute riding session for a family of four, had turned her down for a horseback riding lesson ‘since she weighed over 240[lbs]’.


I've rode horses before and have never had this issue. Please adverise this on your signs for the future.

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To make matters worse, Remi subsequently stated that the ranch owner’s son, Brody Keogh, had responded to her post with a video in which he called her a ‘fat b***h,’ stating, ‘When you’re not a big b****, you can ride at Deep Hollow Ranch.’

While the reaction tape has now been removed, Remi re-shared it on her own profile with the caption: Consider this being Deep Hollow Ranch’s reply to your encounter.

This occurrence occurs only a month after Remi began therapy for binge eating disorder.

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Remi responded on her Instagram story, saying she’d never want to ruin a small business but was dissatisfied with how she was handled.

She stated on her Instagram story that she posted for a purpose, and it wasn’t because she was refused access to ride the horses. She understands that some locations have weight limitations, and she would never want to damage the horses, but it was the way she got treated and mocked at by the owner, as well as the way she was handled generally.

Remi went on to say that it was made very apparent that they didn’t want her there because of her size, which is disheartening.

Deep Hollow Ranch stated on Facebook that a teenage staff member made a comment that in no way reflects or is connected with the ideas that the ranch’s owners hold. They apologise to anyone who was upset by this, and they do not support or approve with any portion of that employee’s video.

The ranch has subsequently come under criticism, with over 400 remarks on their Facebook post expressing how ‘distasteful’ the incidents were.

Hampton Water, who hosted the influencer weekend at Deep Hollow Ranch, has reacted on the matter, stating that they are upset with the incidents that unfolded at Deep Hollow Ranch and their abuse of their close friend, Remi Bader. The Hampton Water team and their third-party suppliers were unaware of the ranches’ restrictions before the event, and they would never place someone in an unpleasant position.

Jesse Bongiovi, Co-founder of Hampton Water Wine, in a message shared on Twitter that they will not engage with Deep Hollow Ranch again, and do not condone the things that happened. Hampton Water’s foundation is built on tolerance and compassion. They want to express our heartfelt apologies to Remi.

The ranch in New York has two websites, one of which is a blog connected on Facebook that discloses the maximum weight a horse can carry.

The horse guide states that a rider should not be more than 15% of the horse’s weight,’ and it includes a chart detailing how much weight horses weighing 700 to 2,000 pounds can carry.

As per the chart, the smallest horse, weighing 700 pounds, can carry a 105-pound human, while the largest horse, weighing 2,000 pounds, can carry a 300-pound person.

The blog also has a list of the greatest horses for “plus-sized riders.”

The ranch’s official website, on the other hand, has no details on how much an individual should weigh to ride a horse, just details about the ranch’s services.

Since the event, the ranch’s reviews have plunged, with customers expressing their thoughts on both Yelp and their website.

‘Your decision to humiliate a customer and use cruel sexist obscenities speaks a lot about who you are as a company,’ one person said.

‘Take Deep Hollow Ranch down,’ said another.

Remi went on a journey with Brooks Nader, Ella Rose, Jijordyn, Kit Kennan, Ruby Saracino, and Agnes Kudokis, among others.

When Remi was initially rejected, neither of her influential ‘pals’ accompanied her; rather, they preferred to let Remi go alone.

In various videos, the TikToker has stated that she would never know why her size could genuinely affect someone so much.

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