Plus-sized lady responds to trolls who say her stomach resembles a butt.

In a pair of fake leather green trousers, a plus size model responded to critics who stated her stomach looked ‘unflattering’ and ‘like a butt’.

Stella Williams, a fashionista from the United States, posted a TikTok video explaining why she didn’t get a response from Khloe Kardashian’s Good American casting call.

The video received negative feedback regarding her ‘apple’ body shape.

She’d be miserable if she stopped and thought about what was ‘flattering’ to the world every time she bought an outfit, Stella wrote in a follow-up video that has already received over 15 million views.

Others questioned the comfort of the pants in the comments.

@thestellawilliams #GoodAmerican #PlusSizeModel ♬ original sound – Burna Boy

Stella, on the other hand, stated that she is ‘content’ in her own skin and subsequently disclosed that the trousers from Fashion Nova sold out as a result of her debut video.

Stella has been modeling for seven years and is an outspoken supporter of herself and her physique.

Despite being harassed, her curves have appeared in Nike advertisements, which Stella describes as a “big triumph” for the plus-size community.

Numerous individuals have also praised her on her enormous accomplishment and expressed their support.

‘Thank you by being bold; it helps a lot to shine a light on beauty in all of its forms.’ ‘You glow, and I adore it,’ one woman said.

@thestellawilliams Replying to @pattydoranmunt ♬ BILLIE EILISH. – Armani White

‘Congratulations, you’re such a wonderful and necessary person in our world,” added another fan. I really wish you the stars and everything in between. ‘May your days be blessed forever.’

‘You are stunning, and I admire your confidence in being completely yourself!!’ a third person said.

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