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Police Chief Refuses Pledge Of Allegiance, Holds Her Religion Above Her Duties.

While each of the officers in the room One of their own commanders refused to stand and salute the flag at Miami Police College. Anita Najiy, a 32-year veteran cop, stood motionless, declining to repeat the pledge and placing her hand over her heart in honor of our country’s emblem. Unluckily for her, somebody noticed her.

When it comes to our men and women in blue, we hope they have a strong sense of responsibility to their nation above all else. After all, they are sworn to defend and serve the residents of this country. As a result, when Najiy was seen insulting the American flag, one of her coworkers refused to let her leave.

After seeing his own commander’s obvious hatred for America, Fraternal Order of Police president Javier Ortiz refused to allow her acts to go unpunished. Ortiz questioned Najiy’s capacity to serve her nation in a letter to her supervisor since she refuses to profess her loyalty to it.

Ortiz referenced a portion of the police department’s code of conduct that provides for disciplinary action against officers who refuse to show due respect for the flag during a ceremony. Ortiz eventually proposed that Anita Najiy be relieved of her duties as commander of the department’s honor guard.

Javier Ortiz wrote to Chief Rodolfo Llanes, criticizing Anita Najiy for putting her faith ahead of her professional responsibilities. Because Najiy is a Muslim, Ortiz concluded that the incident demonstrated her inability to put aside her religious beliefs in order to perform her job duties.

Major Delrish Moss of the Miami Police Department rejected Ortiz’s accusation, claiming that Najiy was following the US Military Code, which exceeds the city’s Honor Guard rule. Ortiz, on the other hand, disregarded this defense, claiming that the officers “aren’t in the military” and that she should have demonstrated the correct decorum that must be practiced when wearing a law enforcement uniform.

For raising his concerns, Javier Ortiz has been labeled a racist and a bigot. He has also come under criticism for using social media to mobilize opposition against people with whom he disagrees.

The incident has sparked passionate discussion over Anita Najiy’s behavior. While some believe that police officers should salute the flag, others believe that officers should have the right to decline, no matter their motivation.

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