Police Officer Bought A Doll For The Little Girl When Overheard The Family Couldn’t Afford To Buy.

Ashley Catatao is an officer with the Somerville, Massachusetts, police department. Two years ago, she was patrolling and stopped for a minute at a Walgreen’s for a small purchase.

In front of her was a young girl with her grandmother, and the grandmother asked the clerk to scan the Barbie doll her granddaughter was holding. When the clerk told her the price, the grandmother sadly apologized to the little girl and said she could not afford it. The girl put her head down and seemed a little disappointed, but she didn’t pout or throw a tantrum.

Officer Catatao was so impressed by the young girl’s behavior that she quickly bought the Barbie doll and ran out to the parking lot to give it to the little girl. That girl, named Jessica, and her grandmother thanked the officer for her kindness. 

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