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Police Say 7-Week-Old Baby Died After Dad Threw Her To The Ground, Mom Was In Hospital At The Time.

Del’Shawn Banks, a 23-year-old Kentucky dad, reportedly confessed to killing his 7-week-old daughter, Del’Luna Banks, after shaking her and throwing her on the floor like a rag doll. According to a report, Banks made the horrific statement after taking the infant to a pediatrician’s clinic for treatment of her wounds.

Staff at the pediatrician’s clinic allegedly phoned police authorities after viewing the newborn’s state and the seriousness of her wounds. When cops arrived, the youngster was unconscious. She was subsequently taken to Norton Children’s Hospital, where doctors concluded she had a fractured skull as well as other wounds conducive to severe head trauma. Del’Luna died of her wounds the next day in the hospital.

Del’Shawn Banks was detained in relation to the suspected wounds. After his arrest, the dad allegedly confessed to authorities that he had shaken and tossed the infant to the ground. An autopsy proved that the baby’s injuries were triggered by the activities recounted by Banks, and the death was deemed a murder by the medical examiner. Banks was charged with first-degree murder and domestic violence. During his arraignment in court, a cash bond of $250,000 was established.

Banks is accused of previously injuring Del’Luna. Cortney Jones, the child’s mom, revealed that Banks was an abusive boyfriend and that their year-and-a-half relationship had been difficult. So, where was the young mother when Del’Shawn Banks again injured the newborn? Unfortunately, she was in the hospital due to birth problems.

She is sitting in the wheelchair waiting to be wheeled back to the room when she gets the call that her kid wasn’t breathing and he’s sobbing, the dad’s weeping, Jones remembered the moment she learned her child was not breathing when she was in the hospital. It disgusts her, it makes her ill, she said. Jones, who had a miscarriage before having Del’Luna, went on to convey her anguish at the loss of her daughter.

Jones stated that she and Banks had ended their relationship before the deadly event, although she feels she should have gone sooner. After her daughter’s terrible death, she has offered a message to other women in a similar circumstance, encouraging them to get out before it’s too late – something she greatly regrets not doing.

If it begins before the kid is born, and if it occurs while one is pregnant, it will continue after, Jones added. Whether one wishes to confront it or not, it’s going to occur, she forewarned. The individual may assure that they will improve. They can tell that they’re going to receive assistance, she went on. They may make all these false promises and make it appear as though it’s going to occur. They can make it appear like they are improving, but they are not.

Sadly, Cortney Jones is correct, and her remarks reflect thoughts we hear all too frequently when a victim of domestic violence dies: They should have gone sooner, but getting away from their abuser is difficult, and by the time they realize they must leave, it’s often too late. If you or someone you know is a suspected victim of domestic abuse, there are several options available to help.

Local Domestic Violence Hotlines or Organizations, such as the YMCA, YWCA, Battered Women’s Shelter, Women Helping Women, Legal Aid Society, or local church resources, are just a few alternatives. Victims might also contact the police or a lawyer in their area. Whatever the victim of domestic abuse chooses, it is vital that they get professional support as soon as possible.

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