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Police Take Son Away from Parents after Mom Posts Video of Dad Playing With Him.

Savannah Glembin’s greatest dread came true when a harmless video of her toddler playing with his dad became viral for all the wrong purposes.

Savannah’s husband is seen in the video playing with their kid, who is laughing and enjoying himself, according to the mother. Several viewers, though, had a different opinion.

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Savannah loves posting pieces of her family life on social media. She loves her baby and tried to record amusing moments with him whenever she could. Nevertheless, one clip shared in 2023 was disastrous.

Savannah’s kid was wrapped in cling film, unable to move his arms, as his father played with him on the video. The pair thought the action was humorous and that the infant resembled a worm or a cucumber.

As they were having a good time, the boy’s reply drew the attention of many netizens. They thought the small boy, Gunner, in the viral video was disturbed and upset.

These allegations from netizens immediately gathered steam on social media, with some even reporting the event to child protective services.

However, Savannah remained unaware to the widespread public outrage over her video. As she heard a knock on the door, she sensed something had gone wrong.

Soon after the video was released, the police arrived at Savannah’s house, warning her that her child would be taken away while the claims were examined.


CPS cleared us of wrongdoing and determined our home, with us, is a safe one for our son, despite that…a hard lesson was learned, a mistake we will never make again, this weekend was extremely traumatic for us as a family and will be taking time away to heal

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