Possessive Mom-In-Law Holds Groom’s Hand Away From Bride During Wedding Photo And Says, “I’m His Woman, Too!”

While a wedding is about two individuals falling in love, it’s also about two families coming together from different origins and customs. Whatever the situation may be, we cannot reject that certain mothers-in-law may become possessive of their sons. Read the story of a mother-in-law’s upsetting behaviour that was shared by an anonymous bride.

Source: Reddit

She went with him when he got his suit fitted. Afterwards, she sent me a long fb message detailing how handsome he looked and how she was “falling in love all over again.” (later, she would try to stop me from coming and picking up the suit.. ?) She also mentioned in the same message that she hoped I would “match” him on the wedding day, meaning she hoped I would look as good as he did. I’m not kidding.

There are photos where she WAS in-between us. Her daughter asked her to move, so my husband and I could stand together, and her actual response, I swear to you all, was a sharp, “I can stand here! I’m his woman, too!”. 

How would you handle the situation as a bride?

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