Pregnant Mom Dies In Car Crash That Suspect Live Streamed On Facebook.

Instead of assisting the victim, a professional boxer who authorities allege drove into a pregnant mother of four live streamed the quick consequence of the collision. 

Krystil Kincaid, 29, and her unborn child were killed in a California automobile collision caused by boxer Marcos Forestal, 28, according to authorities. 

According to authorities, he was driving under the influence at the time and swerved into the wrong lane before ramming into Kincaid’s minivan. He broadcast the mishap on Facebook Live when it happened. Kincaid’s husband, Zach, is crushed by his wife’s death and is fighting to cope. Zach expressed that the person made no attempt to assist her. He did nothing to assist. Instead he remarked,”Look at what someone did to my car.” 

When his wife was attacked, he was on the phone with her. “It was a horrifying scream,” Zach remarked. “It was only two seconds, but… I yelled for her to say anything. I was waiting for a groan – anguish — but there was none.” 

Forestal posted another video on Facebook just before the disaster, this time of himself partying with pals. “He was speeding at 85 mph – in her path,” said Zach. 

Kincaid, who was eight months pregnant at the time, was barely alive when she was taken to a neighbouring hospital, where physicians did all they could to rescue her and her unborn child. However, it was too late. 

“The doctor was in tears. She was bragging about how beautiful she was… plump cheeks, fat thighs, etc “Zach stated of his child. At Kincaid’s burial, photographs of her four surviving kids saying farewell to her and embracing their unborn sister are heartbreaking. Zach posted these in order to raise awareness about the hazards of drunk driving. He’s also established a petition to change California’s drunk driving regulations. 

“I had to share that nightmare to everyone,” he explained. 

Forestal has entered a not guilty plea for vehicular manslaughter. In a statement, his manager, Christina Carillo, said, “I’d want to express my heartfelt sympathies to those who have lost loved ones in this terrible catastrophe. At the moment, we are completely collaborating with the current inquiry.” 

Zach expressed his surprise that Forestal would only be sentenced to ten years in jail, despite the fact that he murdered two people. He stated that his family was destroyed by a drunk driver speeding down a two-lane highway at 85 mph in the wrong lane around a blind corner. The maximum punishment for murdering his wife and daughter is ten years in prison. The state of California believes there was no purpose, but he knows the person didn’t intend anything positive by driving dangerously in that manner…. 

His daughter’s due date was October 9th, however in California, a 36-week-old fully grown baby isn’t considered a person. How can the father explain this injustice to my children? His kids and he himself have never felt so discarded… Look at the damage that has been left behind by his family and what’s to know if it isn’t time for a change… He asked to imagine if this was your family…Who will fight beside him for change? Who is going to disseminate this like wildfire? Who is going to write their legislators and demand a change? Requesting that we should no longer turn a blind eye as a society. Driving intoxicated is a deliberate act. 

During the sentence hearing yesterday, the judge read Marco Forestal’s remarks during the probation interview. Marco said his wife struck him, that he couldn’t help his wife because he didn’t see her car, and that he couldn’t phone 911 for help because his battery was only 3 percent charged. He also stated that he had only two bailey’s 15 minutes before the tragedy. The fact that you can still see pieces of asphalt missing from the road from the collision in the northbound lane where his wife was driving perplexes him, as does this man’s unwillingness to accept responsibility for murdering his family. 

The fact that he opted to Facebook live himself, where he can watch the video in selfie mode and plainly see his wife’s car on fire in the background, makes his claims of not noticing her car and his low battery claim even more of an insult to his family and the culture. The fact that he was above the legal limit at the time of the collision also burned inside of him. This jerk will sit around feeling sorry for himself and will never accept responsibility. 

The idea that Marco will only do 5 years in prison for taking his wife’s and daughters’ lives, as well as ruining his and the surviving children’s life, is beyond infuriating and heartbreaking. This will continue to happen to victims if California politicians continue to kowtow to alcohol corporations and DUI defence lawyer lobbyists. It’s revolting that the legislators are more concerned with their kickbacks and benefits than with the lives and safety of the people in our town. Change the demand before your family is next… 

He further added that he also has gotten some flak for bringing his kids to the hearing . He thought it was vital to teach my kids that monsters don’t have fangs or are supernatural creatures; monsters are humans, and they got to see one. Both of his daughters rose up and spoke up in support of their mother against this monster. His y kids will always be taught to confront fear. 

Zach is now attempting to reform California DUI laws in order to remember his late wife and daughter. 

It’s heartbreaking to think that two people’s lives may be taken and that the maximum penalty is only ten years. Do you believe this legislation should be changed? 

Share this story to remind people that each one’s life matters. Please do not drink and drive.

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