Pregnant Mom Has Baby With Rare Condition, Is Baffled When Adoptive Family Won’t Take Her

Christina Fischer discovered she was pregnant, yet rapidly understood she couldn’t support another kid. She was basically homeless in Florida at the time, and her birth father was not a part of her life.

Christina, who was pregnant and wanted to give the baby a better shot in life, contacted a local adoption agency, which promised to offer her baby daughter a loving home. They chose a family in Georgia who kept in regular contact with her throughout the pregnancy. Everything appeared to fall into place wonderfully.

Christina stated that her ultrasounds were always normal, however when she gave birth to Abigail Lynn in January 2016, she noticed the infant looked very different from what she had expected.

Abigail Lynn was diagnosed with Treacher Collins syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that caused her facial characteristics to be underdeveloped. The condition can also cause breathing issues and vision difficulties.

Despite the prognosis, Christina felt Abigail was stunning. But the adoptive mother, who was in the hospital when her daughter went into delivery, felt very differently.

Christina explained, she let her take the second wristband into the NICU. She sobbed her way out of the hospital. They never heard from them again.

That’s correct, the family that was intended to adopt Abigail Lynn allegedly deserted her due to her medical problems. Christina, on the other hand, saw the sudden and stunning change of plans as a sign.

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This baby’s adoptive mother ran out of the hospital in tears, never to be heard from again, after seeing the child was born with birth defects. Now, little Abigail's biological mother is committed to raising her daughter.

Posted by ABC7 News on Friday, 3 June 2016

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