Pregnant Woman Accused of Shoplifting at Walgreens Gets Shot by Worker.

A pregnant lady was shot at a Walgreens after one of the employees claimed to have pursued her into the parking lot after suspected theft… resulting in a premature birth.

According to police, 21-year-old Mitarius Boyd, who was acting as the team lead on Wednesday when this awful occurrence occurred, shot 34-year-old Travonsha Ferguson while attempting to halt what he claims was an active theft in progress.

Boyd apparently told detectives that he shot Ferguson and another woman she was with after chasing them to their vehicle, where he alleges they were attempting to offload a pile of things they’d supposedly just taken from inside the Walgreens.

He believed his life was in jeopardy when one of the ladies began spraying him with mace, since he didn’t know whether they had a hazardous weapon on them. In other words, he’s claiming self-defense, yet hasn’t been jailed yet.

Cops said Ferguson, who was 7 months pregnant at the time, was struck eight times, twice in each leg and four times in the stomach. After the gunshot, she and her companion got into the vehicle, and the buddy is reported to have left her to go to the ER on her own.

Doctors rushed to her aid, and she endured three procedures. According to sources, an emergency c-section was performed during those operations to remove the baby, who was luckily not injured throughout all of this. Both she and her kid are now in serious condition.

The matter is being investigated, and the D.A. is looking into the Walgreens employee’s assertion that he had to shoot to defend himself from an immediate threat.

As you would expect, this has sparked much outrage online, particularly among people noting Walgreens’ well-known “no chase” policy, under which employees are not permitted to pursue suspected shoplifters. Walgreens does not seem to have responded to the problem as of yet.

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