Pregnant Woman Rejects Husband’s Family Tradition That Makes Her Feel Like A ‘Glorified Surrogate.’

There may be few surprises along the line when we marry into a family. Then we need to choose which is more important: our acknowledgement of the surprise or our marriage’s success. In this story a woman expressed her dissatisfaction with a family custom she learned about while pregnant, and she told her spouse about her concerns. However now she is confused whether she was overthinking things when she saw how unhappy her husband was. Read the story and let us know what she should do?

Source: Reddit

My husband’s family have a family tradition that makes me feel like a glorified surrogate.

Essentially, when someone has a baby in the family the husband and the grandfather both give the mother a substantial amount of money. The way my husband explained it to me made it seem like it happens immediately after giving birth, too. When he told me, I made a face and he asked me why. I said that the tradition made me feel like a glorified surrogate and it was like he (and his family) were buying my baby from me.

My husband got really offended and said it was a nice thing his family did for the new mother and that in a few months, I should just thank his dad and not say anything negative about this tradition as it was important to them/him. I told him I wasn’t sure I wanted to participate and now he’s upset and thinks I’m reading too much into it. Would you be mad in her position? Here are a few comments on the story where it was originally posted: 

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