Pregnant woman thinks her late father was the angel saw kissing her unborn during a sonogram: “It took my breath away”

A San Diego lady who was five months pregnant shared an ultrasound image of her unborn baby on social media. Soon, messages started to flood in. While some applauded her, others saw what looked to be an angel kissing the infant. Shantel Carrillo came upon the latter while reading through the comments. She said that it took her breath away. It happened in fact.

When she looked at the picture more closely, she saw that her departed dad, not just any angel, was adorning it. It’s beautiful to look at and it’s a fantastic tale to share, said Carrillo, who right away grabbed her dad’s old photo with her first kid. She continued that it was truly like a blow in the chest, like, how wonderful it was to see that.

He was staring down at the infant in the photograph, and Carrillo claimed that when she closely compared it to the ultrasound image, the similarity was startling. She stated that her father wore a hat almost always, therefore it has his nose, his small double chin, and his little chubby cheeks. His lips and the bill of his hat appear to be exactly in contact with hers.

Sadly, Carrillo’s dad passed away suddenly in 2016 at the age of 54 after a heart attack. However, according to his daughter, he is still there and guarding his family with his soul. When questioned about whether she thinks her dad is depicted, she responded that if one knew her dad, he/she would know that he enjoyed being the center of attention, so she honestly can’t conceive of it any other way. Makes her feel as though he is keeping an eye on her newborn daughter—just it’s a lovely thing.

Carrillo believes that if her father had been alive, he would have been over the moon about her second pregnancy. According to the picture, he appears to be utterly overjoyed that she took the attempt to reach the occasion. She said she feels like he’s incorporating himself in this way, somehow. She believes her father would simply be over the moon about it.

Her notion that the angel in the photo was actually her adoring dad, who will always watch over her family, is supported by the fact that her baby was due just a few days before her dad’s birthday. Carrillo now has something material to give her the impression that her father is around, despite the fact that he is no more in this world.

Dad made it to Inside Edition

Posted by Shantel Carrillo on Wednesday, 27 November 2019

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