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Prince Andrew overcome with emotion as he walks behind his mother’s coffin.

An evidently emotive Prince Andrew today sported his morning outfit as he trailed the Queen’s casket over the streets of London for her state cremation.

Prince Andrew barred from wearing his soldierly uniform at the ritual after being taken away from his royal designations.

The Duke of York, who on Wednesday paraded behind Queen’s coffin in the Royal march, was in the identical spot behind his mother’s casket today.

And as the threesome raised up a crisp salutation to their late mother outside Westminster Abbey, a grief-stricken Prince Andrew, standing amid the Princess Royal and Earl of Wessex, gradually bent his head in honor. He was joined by Prince Harry, who is also not put on soldierly uniform and bent his head instead of saluting the late Queen.   

The pronouncement to bar Harry and Andrew from adoring wearing military uniforms in proceedings subsequent to the Queen’s demise at Balmoral last Thursday is a notice of how both now have restricted participation in the Royal Family.

Prince Andrews has been observable all over the proceedings laid on to honor Her Majesty, having also been perceived reading flowery compliments at Balmoral with his daughters after The Queen pass away.

Earlier, the Duke of York was permitted to attire his military uniform as he joined his brothers for a last vigil around his late mother’s casket as she lies in state at Westminster Hall.

Prince Andrews was seen coming at the vigil in London with Prince Edward, in his complete military attire after King Charles pick up a ban on him wearing the getup as a mark of respect for his late mother.

As the Queen’s offspring shadowed the Queen’s casket from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall on Tuesday, neither the Prince Andrews or Prince harry were wearing their uniforms but attired in suites instead.  

As King Charles pick up the prohibition on both Andrew and Harry attiring their military uniforms, it is also predictable that Prince Harry will be permitted to wear it at a distinct vigil for the Queen tomorrow night.

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