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Prince Charles ‘Hurt’ by Meghan Markle’s ‘Painful’ Behavior Following ‘I Lost My Dad’ Statement

Duchess Meghan discussed the lack of ties she and her husband, Prince Harry, had with their dads in an August 2022 interview. Meghan Markle’s dad was the notorious Thomas Markle.

Prince Charles, the Queen’s eldest son, was Harry’s royal father. The Duchess of Sussex’s statement on account of her husband was rather contentious, and it provided royal fans with some perspective into the sort of connection Harry shared with Charles.

Meghan stated that her husband informed her, he lost his father in this process.  The procedure in question occurred when the Sussexes chose to leave their top royal positions in 2020 and go to the United States (US).

The duchess went on to say that she didn’t want Harry and his dad to have the same distant relationship that she and Thomas had. But, she thought the choice should be made by her spouse.

Sources have disclosed Charles’ response to the accusation since the release of the interview. According to reports, the Prince of Wales did not wish to lose the Duke of Sussex.

The Duke of Wales paid a visit to the monarch in Balmoral, Scotland, for her yearly holiday in September 2022. The prince was seen travelling to church by himself, and was apparently upset by his son’s comments.

The Prince of Wales thought the comment was “hurtful” to the Royal Family. He was claimed to be totally confused at how the couple acted after recent attempts for the couple to reconnect with the family, with those close to Charles added that he has been hurt by his son and daughter-in-law’s comments and deeds, which have constantly insulted the royal family.

According to the publication’s sources, Charles missed and adored the Sussexes and his grandkids, Lilibet and Archie. Harry’s comments saddened his father even more because he had spent time with the Sussex family in June 2022 at the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in the United Kingdom (UK).

During an interview with Oprah Winfrey in March 2021, the Duke of Sussex stated he felt “very let down” by Charles. Since the Jubilee, the heir to the British throne believed the Royal Family had begun making reparations to his son and his family.

According to Charles’ acquaintance, the prince was still stung by his son’s accusations against the family and himself. For the past two years, the king has had to cope with “difficult things” being said about him.

The most difficult thing was that he couldn’t openly justify himself against the pair due to the Royal Family’s never criticize, never justify philosophy.

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