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Prince Harry Might Be Invited Back To The Royal Family But Only If He Comes Alone

Following Queen Elizabeth’s death, there have been whispers among royal journalists and observers that there may be a chance for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to be accepted back into the royal fold, if they are keen. Richard Kay writes in his current Daily Mail column that Prince Harry has supposedly been handed an olive branch but it is not one that has been offered to his wife.

While it’s evident from his tone that Richard Kay isn’t keen in painting a positive portrait of the Sussexes and their connection with the Crown, there are a few significant insights to consider.

The writer writes that Harry and Meghan have been an important part of the funeral ceremonies, having been allowed to join the Prince and Princess of Wales to meet the public, and Harry marched with his family in Queen Elizabeth’s burial procession.

During other critical points of the continuing memorial experience, Harry and Meghan have also taken their proper positions. Meghan sat in a car behind Camilla, Queen Consort, while Harry accompanied the casket down the street, while the two were queued up behind William and Kate to pay tribute at the Queen’s coffinside.

Furthermore, Richard Kay says that King Charles and Prince William have recognized Prince Harry’s value to the royal family. The two have allegedly extended an olive branch in an attempt to entice the younger prince to return to the Crown.

Yet, he clearly indicates that the offer has not been given to Meghan Markle, which is an unlikely possibility. Harry and Meghan have made a life in California with their 2 kids, and they have both spoken up about the difficulties they endured while living in the UK.

The author speculates that Meghan could be able to have a “separated” position, similar to how Princess Diana spent her final years in the royal family. The difference between Diana and Charles is that they were apart, but Meghan and Harry are very much a unit and a team.

Obviously, any such proposal would need compromise on the part of all parties concerned, including Prince William. But, as the Daily Mail points out, William might not be interested. One can apologise, but one can’t unsay things one has said, an insider told the site. And Harry and Meghan have said an awful lot, most of it profoundly painful.

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