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Priscilla Presley Is Reportedly Fighting To Keep Lisa Marie’s Ex-Husband Out Of Her Estate.

Lisa Marie Presley’s family is still grieving her untimely death, and a court battle over her wealth looks to be brewing.

According to reports, Priscilla Presley may be ready to face Lisa Marie’s ex-husband Michael Lockwood. Michael and Lisa Marie have twin children, Harper and Finley.

According to the publication, Lisa Marie was still a part-owner of Graceland and had a stake in her dad’s inheritance at the time of her death. She was also the administrator of a $65 million trust.

Lockwood seems to be interested in that trust. Michael is attempting to be designated executor of his daughters’ trust and money to seize control of millions of dollars, a source informed the site.

Lisa Marie’s mom, on the other hand, isn’t too keen on the notion. But Priscilla feels this is Presley money — and she’ll battle tooth and nail to get his hands off it! the insider stated.

Prior to her demise, Lisa Marie allegedly agreed to pay Michael $6,000 per month in spousal support. Michael is claimed to feel that Lisa Marie gained financially from her upcoming tell-all memoir and the 2022 film Elvis, and she consented to the settlement to prevent another trial.

Michael is also anticipated to be granted complete custody of Finley and Harper. Lisa Marie had 60% custody of the girls at the time of her death, while Michael had 40%.

It is unlikely that Priscilla would battle for custody of the twins, but she is said to be pursuing court-ordered visiting privileges. The daughters stayed with Priscilla for a time while her parents fought in court.

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