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Proud Mom Shows Baby to People And They Beg Her to Stop: ‘What’s Wrong With Your Child?’

Natasha, like other parents, enjoyed sharing Raedyn’s images on social media with her friends and relatives. Individuals on the internet, nevertheless, did not react as she had hoped.

Several individuals suggested that the mother remove her son’s photos after noticing how different he looked. They made disparaging remarks, asked her demeaning questions, and attempted to pull her down, but the strong mother refused to be swayed by their insults.

Pfeiffer syndrome is a rare genetic disorder that changes the appearance of a person’s skull, face, and limbs. Many are astonished to see tiny Raedyn’s photographs online since this is not a common ailment.

Natasha, on the other hand, believes that when addressing her kid, individuals should be more sensitive. Natasha gets nasty questions about her kid in person, in addition to seeing harsh remarks on her social media profiles. She stated: “People come up to me and say, ‘What’s wrong with your child?'” ‘Or why does your kid look that way?’ That’s not how you address a human being.”

People believe the caring mother should not broadcast images and videos of Raedyn on TikTok and Instagram. She notices hundreds of comments begging her to stop sharing images of her kid. People also believe that the small boy’s ailment has an impact on his quality of life, although this is not the case.

Natasha says she will not back down and that she wants to show her son’s attackers that he lives a normal life like kids his age. She said that her kid just has a distinctive appearance, which does not make him “any less.”

People make derogatory remarks about Raedyn because they are unaware of his condition. They believe he is having a rough life based on his images and videos, and they blame Natasha for allowing her kid to live like this.

The brave mom, on the other hand, never allowed the insults to bother her. Despite having read a lot about her baby, she stands up for him, but she cannot comprehend why individuals continue to make comments about him since he looks different.

The young mother acknowledges that explaining her son’s situation regularly becomes exhausting. Natasha said that he deserves life and acceptance; she will fight until her dying day for that.

Natasha has a message for the world after observing how people respond when they encounter a youngster with special needs or a rare ailment. She wants people to realize that it is not necessary to condemn or pity a kid because he is different. She said that her son looks different, but that doesn’t mean he’s just a lesson to teach the world.

Natasha wants people to realize that, despite her son’s uncommon genetic issue, she lives a normal, happy life with him. They have a great mother-son attachment, and Raedyn’s handicap is never a hindrance. She works to raise awareness about this issue and hopes that others will soon see that having a child with special needs does not completely ruin one’s life.

Natasha decided to make a film in response to the numerous harsh comments she got from people all around the globe. Natasha is seen sitting alongside her son’s chair, which is turned away from the camera in the video, which has over 5 million views.

In reaction to those who warn her not to display her son’s face on social media, she turns Raedyn’s seat towards the camera and replies, “Who’s going to stop me?” In order to stop people from harassing her son and other kids like him, the mother posted this video on TikTok.

@risewithraedyn I will NOT stop 😊 #stopbullying #spreadawareness #educateyourself #craniofacialdifference #acceptance #inclusion #pfieffersyndrome #differentisbeautiful #morealikethandifferent #craniofacialawareness ♬ all the things she said slowed – xxtristanxo

When netizens learned about Natasha’s difficulties, they couldn’t help but express their support.

We wish Natasha the best of luck in raising awareness about her son’s illness. We also hope that people realize they don’t have to make disparaging remarks anytime they see a youngster like Raedyn.

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