Puppy Born With SPECIAL NEEDS Shows His Owner Something INCREDIBLE.

Love means love with no boundaries, because when you love someone, that’s really very important and even when someone… or something… is different, love is what matters the most.

When most people go into a pet store, they find themselves looking at the cutest, most adorable, happy puppies… and their eyes seldom ever stray from them. And 9 times out of 10, they choose to take home one of those cute, adorable puppies… perfect in every way. Yes. That’s what most everyone does when they go searching for a dog to brighten their lives.

Lou and Mark Robinson run an animal rescue organization. It’s an organization that teaches youngsters about how to care for animals in a very compassionate way. Two years ago, Lou and Mark learned about a very different kind of puppy that was born. He would come to be named “Nubby.” The little white Boxer pup was born without his two front legs. And as much as he tried to scoot in to feed from his mother… he couldn’t. He had no legs… no paws to get him there.

All of his brothers and sisters in the litter… they all had legs, and they were always feeding from their mother. Little Nubby grew weaker and weaker. When he was finally brought into the veterinarian, the doctor could only shake his head; didn’t think the little fella was gonna make it.

But word got out about Nubby, and that word reached Lou and Mark. And they weren’t about to just let things go. So the couple took him in. Then they did a lot of research on how they could best care for a puppy that was missing his two front legs. They learned he would have to be botted-fed at an incline, so the liquid would not get into his tiny lungs and cause pneumonia… something that could certainly be fatal for the little dog.

So Lou and Mark did exactly that, as well as many other things to care for Nubby. But three weeks after being as careful as they possibly could, Nubby still developed pneumonia. He was quickly taken to the animal hospital and put in the intensive care unit. All Lou and Mark could do now was hope… and pray. And, perhaps with those prayers, little Nubby made it through.

Lou and Mark realized how much they truly cared for Nubby, so they officially adopted him. It wasn’t too much longer after that that Nubby was healthy. And he developed a great bond with Lou and Mark, often sleeping on Mark’s shoulder while he was sitting on the couch.

He’s 2 years old now, and he gets around with a special wheelchair, and he loves to play with kids and other dogs.

Earlier this year, Lou and Mark brought in a litter of puppies, and Nubby has helped take care of them. He probably learned a lot of that… especially, how to love…. from Lou and Mark. 

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