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Queen Elizabeth Died at Her Favorite Castle, Balmoral in Scotland: Inside Her Beloved Home

Queen Elizabeth II died at the age of 96 at her residence in Scotland.

On Thursday afternoon, Buckingham Palace announced the monarch’s death at the ancient house that has acted as a private retreat for the British royals for more than 150 years.

Balmoral has been in the family since 1845, when Prince Albert, Queen Victoria’s husband, bought the castle and surrounding 7,000-acre estate in Aberdeenshire, Scottish Highlands. The royal family has traditionally utilized it to host friends, have dances, picnics, and go on shooting parties.

But it wasn’t only for fun for Queen Elizabeth. She continued to work at Balmoral, reading her diplomatic files in the famous “red boxes” supplied daily, holding audiences with dignitaries and advisors, and making public appearances.

Every August, the Queen returns to her country estate. She flew there from her home in Windsor at the end of July this year.

Over the years, she has been joined by her kids, grandkids, and great-grandchildren, as well as other royals and prominent visitors, and, of course, her loving corgis. When the family is not in residence, the castle is available to the public, and a stay on the estate may be booked through the website.

The secluded property has been a haven for the Queen since her childhood, when she enjoyed favored outdoor hobbies like salmon fishing and deer stalking. Even in her later years, the longtime equestrian loved horseback riding on the estate.

Those close to her have frequently expressed her affection for her hometown and region.

It’s all about the huge open spaces. There are no distractions, no flights, no noise, and no traffic. Just this magnificent acreage where she may walk freely, Sir Malcolm Ross, the late Comptroller of the Royal Household, told the BBC. She can unwind with her dogs, doing what she assumed normal people did, and what normal people do.

Over the years, the royal family has shared countless images of their stay in Balmoral. In a 1960 image shot on the castle grounds, Queen Elizabeth is shown with her husband, Prince Philip, who died in 2021 at the age of 99, and three of their kids — King Charles III, Princess Ann, and Prince Andrew — and a corgi.

A few years later, in 1972, a casual portrait of the family of six, which included their youngest, Prince Edward, was used as their Christmas card.

King Charles and Princess Diana notably spent time at the estate early in their romance, and Prince William and Prince Harry visited during their youth, as shown in the photo below, which was taken on the grounds with their father.

For the first time in her 70-year reign, the Queen nominated the next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom at Balmoral on Tuesday, only two days before her death. The king was all smiles in front of a roaring fireplace in a snapshot from the encounter.

Much of the décor evident in the picture remained intact from decades ago, which is likely indicative of her alleged goal to maintain the house as close to Queen Victoria’s period as possible.

In a 1970s shot of the Drawing Room, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip sat on a green couch that appears to be the same one that is still there. The artwork on the walls remains likewise unaffected: a horse-drawn image of Queen Victoria, Elizabeth’s great-great-grandmother.

An even earlier photograph, from 1885, shows the same gilded mirror, beautiful fireplace mantel, and exquisite candelabras.

The Queen’s principal house is the 775-room Buckingham Palace in the City of Westminster, although she also has a number of additional residences around the British Isles. Windsor Castle, where Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were married; Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh; Sandringham Estate, where the royal family celebrates Christmas; and Hillsborough Castle, the Queen’s home in Northern Ireland, are all among the royal residences.

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The Queen’s death comes after a year of health problems. She walked out with a cane in October 2021. The same month, she postponed a planned trip to Northern Ireland on medical advice and spent a night in the hospital. She hurt her ankle in November and tested positive for COVID-19 in February.

Following the appointment of Liz Truss as Prime Minister on Tuesday, Buckingham Palace stated the following day that the Queen will not preside over a scheduled Privy Council meeting in order to rest.

Following her death, her son, King Charles, succeeded to the throne.

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