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Queen Served Jesus Christ Till Her Last Day, And Leaned On Her Faith In Him During Tough Times.

As a country’s figurehead, the Queen would frequently address the broader population.

During her many public statements on significant occasions, she frequently mentioned Jesus. She concentrated on his examples that she believed her audience might benefit from.

Naturally, once Queen Elizabeth II’s death was formally disclosed to the world, the United Kingdom went into a protracted period of sorrow, but the rest of the world also mourned.

Throughout her long life and historic reign, the Queen established many precedents. She broke several long-held conventions, potentially ushering the monarchy into the more modernized form we see today.

Queen Elizabeth plays "Star Spangled Banner" at Buckingham Palace following 9/11

Queen Elizabeth plays "Star Spangled Banner" at Buckingham Palace following 9/11

Posted by BPR on Thursday, September 8, 2022

After the September 11, 2001 attacks, she violated one of the most recognizable customs. The Queen had the American national song played during the Changing of the Guard ceremony at Buckingham Palace on September 12, 2001, instead of the British national anthem. She had ‘The Star Spangled Banner’ playing in the background and supposedly even participated in singing out of respect for the American people who were going through a difficult period. ‘ When ‘The Star Spangled Banner’ was played in the cathedral, she joined in (the singing) and was subsequently seen wiping a tear from her eye,’ witnesses stated.

Despite all of the dramatic changes to the monarchy over time, one thing stayed unchanged: the Queen’s deep Christian faith.

In her public speeches, the Queen frequently highlighted examples of Jesus. “In his early thirties, He was caught, tortured, and crucified with two criminals,” she remarked in her Christmas presentation in the year 2000. His death could have been the end of the narrative, but then came the resurrection and the foundation of Christian faith.”

The Queen was not ashamed of her faith and would frequently recall Jesus Christ while speaking to the public. In March 2020, while the globe was shutting down due to the coronavirus outbreak, she delivered her Easter speech to the people, telling them to find solace in Christ through the unforeseen times the world was experiencing.

Queen's Speech – Coronavirus

Her Majesty has addressed the people of Britain and the Commonwealth about the COVID-19 pandemic. The speech, recorded at Windsor Castle, is being described as "deeply personal". The last time Her Majesty made an address was eight years ago for her Diamond Jubilee. Story: #coronavirus #7NEWS

Posted by 7NEWS Sydney on Sunday, April 5, 2020

Individuals have frequently applauded and applauded the Queen for her Christian beliefs.

Many individuals throughout the world will undoubtedly miss the Queen. Share this Queen narrative to remind folks of what she stood for and the lady she was.

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