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Queen Wrote Letter To A North Dakota Woman Who Shared Her Birthday Every Year Without Fail

Queen Elizabeth II affected the lives of numerous individuals in her family, community, and throughout the world. Adele Hankey of North Dakota, on the other hand, developed a particular kinship with the queen despite the fact that they never met in person.

The queen and Adele were both born on April 21, 1926. When the queen was crowned in 1953, the royal admirer wrote her a letter in which she informed her that they shared a birthdate. While she never anticipated receiving back, that single letter sparked seven decades of contact.

The queen responded with a birthday card, and so started an unexpected, though profound, relationship.

On their birthdays, the two exchanged handwritten notes year after year. And it meant a lot to Adele, who showed the stack of notes with local media. She claims she had a particular bond with the queen during her reign.

In the aftermath of the queen’s death, she reflects warmly on all those personal letters. She calls it her pen friend, and that’s something she is going to miss, she remarked.

She also informed the magazine about the similarities she and the queen had, such as their sense of humor and fondness of orange marmalade.

Watch this video to learn more about Adele and the Queen’s particular bond.

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