Rapist Threatens To Assault Victim’s Daughter, Then He Feels A Sting

Roxanne Eka Peters, 35, snapped and murdered a man. However, you won’t find many individuals who don’t comprehend why she did it. The event occurred when rapist Grand Jason Cassar, 51, threatened to harm her kid unless she agreed to additional sexual assault and violation. He was a disgusting crook with a perverted mentality, and Peters refused to be his victim again, so she let her hatred and anger take over, but now she’s paying for it.

Cassar raped and degraded Peters, then warned to harm her kid unless she repeated the punishment. Rather than allow him to harm her or her child, Peters took a kitchen knife and stabbed Cassar in the heart. He died suddenly. Then she tied his body up with a rope and towed it behind her car for approximately a half mile, both to desecrate the body and to hide it from view.

In other words, her grief and misery were unimaginable. Nonetheless, she was convicted of manslaughter. She received a nine-year jail sentence for that act, as well as an eighteen-month sentence for tampering with a body. The Brisbane Supreme Court was not sympathetic to her case.

She will, nevertheless, be eligible for parole in the future if she completes her sentence.

Justice David Boddice acknowledged that Cassar’s actions were “substantial provocation” and found her reaction to be appropriate.

However, if she had phoned the police after stabbing Cassar, things may have turned out considerably differently for her. Rather, she attempted to conceal her actions.

Justice Boddice believed she would have offered his body more human dignity after he raped her and threatened the life of her kid.

Despite the fact that Cassar was a rapist who relentlessly mistreated Peters throughout her youth, Justice Cassar feels sympathy for his family.

Peters grew raised in a drug-addicted household. She was a victim of sexual abuse and misbehavior throughout her childhood. Cassar was one of the criminals. And he received what he deserved after threatening to harm her small kid.

While Peters’ aggression was justifiable, the court sentenced her harshly since she attempted to conceal his body after he died. If she had contacted the cops, she might have described what had transpired and received a considerably lower punishment.

However, it is not difficult to envision Peters’ indignation and hatred toward Cassar. He not only raped her before, but he also threatened the life of her kid so he could do it again.

What are your thoughts on Australia imprisoning Peters for the murder of her rapist?

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