Rescued Dog Had No Idea THIS WAS IN STORE FOR HIM.

We never really think of animals as getting hurt and being in pain. But it can certainly happen, and, like all of us, animals that get hurt need a lot of tender loving care.

Lexi Ann is a dog. She was brought to a dog rescue group in Princeton, Minnesota, called Ruff Start. And her start there certainly WAS rough. Lexi Ann had severe burns all over her body after surviving a horrible house fire. Her owners had given up on her, leaving her all alone at a veterinary clinic to be euthanized.

The fire that hurt Lexi Ann so badly took the lives of her puppies. The only reason Lexi Ann survived was because she was in a plastic kennel, which melted around her and into her skin. Somehow, she managed to cling to life through the tremendous pain she endured.

Soon after arriving at the rescue center, a family took in Lexi Ann and helped her recover from her wounds. It was a firefighter and his family.

The firefighter, identified only as Travis, heard about Lexi Ann’s story and he fell in love with her. Travis and his family drove all the way from their home in Indiana – for 11 hours – to get Lexi Ann. The rescue group typically does not allow out-of-state adoptions, but it made an exception for Travis. Travis plans to take Lexi Ann to a camp for burn victims so she can help THEM with their own healing. 

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