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‘RESPECT MY MOMMA!’ Flesh Goes Flying As McDonald’s Worker Clobbers Customer.

Erika Chavolla, 24, was working at a McDonald’s in Las Vegas when she got into an argument with a female client. Sabrinah Fontelar, who reportedly sought to fill a water cup with complimentary soda, was viciously beaten by the McDonald’s staff. The incident was captured on tape.

The video was shared on Facebook with the comment, “So this occurred at McDonald’s… When the woman requested a water cup, the supervisor turned off the soda machine because she refused to give her a free drink.” The dispute is already well underway when the video starts, with Fontelar hurling a milkshake at a McDonald’s employee.

The client takes up a tray and strikes the employee in the head with it as Erika Chavolla races towards Sabrinah Fontelar, but she hardly notices. Chavolla then takes the woman by the hair and starts punching her in the head and face. She takes up Fontelar and tosses her over a neighboring table, despite the fact that she is considerably bigger than her opponent, while other staff rush over to break up the fight.

The two are ultimately separated when another McDonald’s employee attempts to take the customer away, but the customer instead starts fighting her. The battle resumes, with Fontelar being struck in the head and face for the second time before Chavolla tosses her over another table.

Erika Chavolla can be heard saying at one point, “My momma aint dead, you respect my momma,” however, it is unclear to what she is referring. Before the film fades off, a few more furious words are spoken, but no blows are thrown.

The customer is always right, but this McDonald’s customer was completely out of line. Nobody deserves to be abused at their workplace. This consumer will think twice the next time. She should never have disrespected her mother or thrown a milkshake at the staff.

McDonald’s has said that it is investigating the event and that it does not condone the behavior depicted in this video. The horrific confrontation that ensued may have been averted if Erika Chavolla had just informed her management or the police about the belligerent visitor. It’s difficult to imagine that this whole altercation was sparked by a free Coke and a “your momma” slur.

Following the event, Chavolla said that she had retained her employment at McDonald’s. She also displayed a cut on her hand from hitting Sabrinah Fontelar in the mouth. “It’s crazy, people think you’re working just because you’re working…” she said. “She was smacking for a long time.” I wasn’t even planning on hitting her. She began freaking out when she saw a huge female approaching her. “Don’t bring up my mother!” she said, smiling.

Sabrinah Fontelar started the confrontation by trying to steal a drink, and she should face assault and theft charges. Too frequently, businesses just turn a blind eye, giving consumers like her the impression that they can say and do anything they want and get away with it.

This is some of the most bizarre McDonald’s footage ever recorded. Was the employee’s response justified? When is the customer’s information no longer correct? Should Chavolla stay at her current job? Please let us know what you think.

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