Retired Cop Goes Viral When He Posted About His Job As A Babysitter.

David Waterhouse is a grandfather, and he’s affectionately known as Pawpaw by his family. The once-retired Dallas police officer flew from his Texas home to look after his baby grandson, Ty, in Kentucky.

Now David doesn’t have a Facebook page and he’s about as low-tech as you can be. But he does like to take pictures with his very low-tech flip phone. Ty’s parents took off for a vacation, and Pawpaw was more than happy to babysit for them. So with his phone, David took plenty of pictures of Ty and sent them on to his daughter and her husband. Their relaxing vacation was filled with lots of laughs.

David, in his low-tech way, printed out captions to go with all the pictures of his grandson. Once home, his daughter, Stephanie, just had to post the photos of her son on social media. Some of his captions next to Ty include: Dad and Mom… we partied with veggies and binge-watched Sesame Street. No worries. Love, Ty;

Dad and Mom… We looked at Jeeps today. Can I get an early license? I liked the red one. Love, Ty;

Dad and Mom… I got a tattoo!! What’s a bikini? I really like beer. Love, Ty;

Dad and Mom… I met a girl. Grandpa said that Godfather Danny would be proud. Love, Ty;

Dad and Mom… There is a small dent in the Mustang. It won’t cost much to fix. Love, Ty.

We’re pretty sure here that little Ty is gonna have a great time with Pawpaw when he gets a little older. 

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