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Richard Gere’s Marriage To 33-Yr-Younger Wife Who Once Slept On The Street Has ‘Strong Karmic Energy’

When his previous two marriages failed, Richard Gere resolved not to have any more heart affairs or children until he found that extraordinary lady. Given how busy he’s been as an actor, his choice was simple.

Gere eventually recognized he had met his true mate and third wife, however, when his second child was born, he understood time was no longer on his side. Here’s everything you need to know about the actor and his relationships:

Gere was initially married to Cindy Crawford, a supermodel, from 1991 until 1995. After the termination of that romance, the attractive actor married Carey Lowell and had his son, Homer.

The couple, who married in 2002, had many years of marital happiness before splitting up in 2013, and the bitter divorce was completed three years later.

Gere fell in love again in 2014, when he reconnected with Alejandra Silva and began dating. In April 2018, the pair married in a private ceremony.

The pair has numerous things in common, namely their faith and a strong desire to help others. Silva, in reality, is a Spanish activist who manages Rais Fundacion, an organization that is working hard to end homelessness in Spain within five years.

The socialite is very committed to her profession and has confessed to sleeping on the street in order to understand how the homeless feel.

With the significant age difference between Gere and Silva, people may anticipate some tension, particularly since he’s a Hollywood icon.

Yet, Gere once stated that due to their karmic energies and how perfectly they complement each other, all of the obstacles that may have jeopardized their relationship have vanished, leaving just their love blazing bright as can be.

Regarding the subject of love and its importance to him, he stated, that who doesn’t think it’s important? He believes that the whole planet deserves to live with love in all of its forms. So, certainly, love is central to his existence.

Silva has an amazing resume in terms of her past. She began her connection with Gere after having a kid called Albert with her ex-husband, Govind Friedland.

From 2012 until 2015, the pair had a marital relationship. Friedland, a geologist, is the son of mining tycoon Robert Friedland of Chicago, whose firm is worth over $350 million.

According to reports, their divorce was conducted in a very peaceful and friendly manner. Silva’s association with such an individual is unsurprising given her history as a member of Spain’s elite.

Her father, Ignacio Silva Botas, is a prominent businessman who has served as Vice President of Real Madrid. The dad relocated his family to Madrid when his daughter was still small, allowing her to attend the top schools in the city.

Due to her dad’s connection to Real Madrid, she formed friendships with several of the players and even became acquainted with famed footballer Roberto Carlos at one point.

Gere and Silva initially met more than a decade before their marriage; Silva was a teenager at the time, and Gere had borrowed a boat from her father to film a TV commercial.

He became a family friend, however, when they met again, she had grown into a lady, and he was looking for his soul mate.

Silva, who believes the cosmos has conspired to keep her and Gere together, claims they were instantly drawn to each other when they reconnected.

It didn’t take them long to realize how well they matched, but they opted to keep things a secret until 2015, when they were photographed being all lovey-dovey in Sicily, when they attended the Taormina Film Festival.

They appeared to be deeply in love, but it took them years to decide to celebrate their union with a wedding ceremony.

The romantic event took place on Gere’s ranch, and they continued the celebration in May by hosting a Cinco de Mayo wedding party at Gere’s mansion in Pound Ridge, New York. Speaking of her favorite aspects about the actor.

Silva admires Gere for a variety of reasons, some of which have already been stated. Yet, what he’s done for her is another component that contributes to how deep that love is.

Actually, the publicist once admitted to being lost until he came along to show her the light and her real path.

The couple had their second child in 2020, and they quietly relocated to a magnificent property he had discreetly purchased that same year.

Silva confirmed the pregnancy when she posted a picture of herself, pregnant with their first child, visiting the Dalai Lama with Gere, a longtime friend of Tibet’s exiled spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama.

The birth of their second kid was a delight, but it also reminded Gere of how rapidly his time is running out. After having his second child at the age of 70, the actor, now 73, is anxious that he may not survive to see his children grow up.

After they had their first child, he realized how tough raising a child would be, but that didn’t stop him from having another with Silva, whom he vowed at least 20 happy years.

Despite his age, Silva claims he keeps her on her toes and that she sometimes struggles to keep up with him, so maybe the gifted guy has a few decades more to live.

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