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RIHANNA PREGNANT!!!Big Reveal During Super Bowl Halftime Show

Rihanna is back, taking over the Super Bowl and reminding everyone what they’ve been missing for the last six years… and she may have just made a BIG statement, according to some.

The singer/fashion mogul took the stage after the second quarter of the game ended on Sunday, and you could tell right away that this was going to be something special… with RiRi making a spectacular entrance to start off an epic 13-minute performance chock-full of songs.

Rihanna’s act included her and her dancers on numerous raised platforms, which she progressively descended from as the concert progressed. Of course, she sang a slew of her hits, from “Work” and “Bitch Better Have My Money” to “Rude Boy” and “Diamonds” – and just about every other fan favorite we all desired to hear in between.

Of course, practically all noticed right away that Rihanna seemed to be pregnant – and she even seemed to recognize it by touching her tummy. There has been no official news at taht time but all indicators point to her possibly having another bun in the oven.

However, later Rihanna’s representative verified that her client is definitely pregnant.

Rihanna had almost everyone at State Farm Arena on their feet by the conclusion of it all, and the stadium was booming as she made her final bow. It was just amazing.

This is Rihanna’s first live performance since the Grammys in 2018, when she performed with DJ Khaled. She hasn’t actually taken up a microphone since then, but the excitement of seeing her in her musical element again is at an all-time high.

RiRi definitely put in a lot of effort; she stated she went through dozens of set list variants in the lead up to Sunday, saying it was difficult picking which songs to include to do honor to her vast discography. She picked smartly, and she pulled it off.

Great performance, and perhaps a portent of things to come for her. We know she’s been visiting the studios recently, and with her going out on such a high, you sorta have to follow it up with even more things.

Nevertheless, if she is actually pregnant, she may be on another break. Remember, she gave birth only a few months ago, and although she was out and about a lot, she was also on mom duty.

Fans of Rihanna are hungry… but they may have to wait a little longer for their queen.

Of course, she hasn’t published a new album in around 7 years, but she has released new music, namely a single for the upcoming ‘Black Panther’ film, that demonstrated she’s still got it.

Congratulations, and thanks for a fantastic performance.

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