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Rod Stewart’s wife was taunted for gaining weight – the rockstar has the perfect reply for the bullies.

Rod Stewart has six children by four different women. Sarah, his oldest child from a teenage relationship, is his eldest child. He then married Alana Hamilton, with whom he had his next two children, Kimberly and Sean.

Later, while the singer was dating Kelly Emberg, the pair had Ruby together. After this, he married Rachel Hunter, with whom he had two children, Renee and Liam.

Nevertheless, after years of failed romances and two failed marriages, the singer had given up hope of ever finding real love. Then, in 1999, he met Penny Lancaster, a supermodel who captivated his heart, and all his anxieties vanished.

They dated for seven years until Stewart went down on one knee in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris to propose to her. Stewart is 24 years older than his current wife; therefore, the pair has been together for 24 years. He does, however, credit the former supermodel for molding him into the devoted spouse he is today.

The singer often professes his surprise that his wife is still willing to be with him after all these years.

Before marrying Lancaster, the singer said that he didn’t understand all that goes into establishing a happy and loving marriage. But, his marriage to Lancaster taught him that he was capable of being a caring and loyal husband.

Yet, throughout the years, the singer has made it clear that regardless of where he was in his love life, his focus will always be his children.

Although his marriage enhanced his life, Stewart is keen to point out that he also assisted his wife in many ways. He described how he helped her gain confidence. He said that when they first met, she was hesitant and didn’t say much, but she was no longer scared to take up space in a room.

Lancaster’s modeling career began at an early age and immediately took off. In 2002, she was offered a $200,000 contract to model for Ultimo, a swimwear and lingerie company. Alastair and Aiden are the couple’s two kids. Having them, though, was not simple. Lancaster had two losses before turning to IVF to create their first child, Alastair.

The pair approached parenthood with open eyes and agreed to continue nurturing their marriage bond despite having children together.

Lancaster also said that the pair had an agreement that they would not be separated for longer than 10 days. The pair strives to spend quality time together on a regular basis.

On their own, the pair would often have supper or breakfast. They also constantly check in on one another to ensure that everything is well.

She also checks in on her kids since, as a wife and mother, she is constantly concerned about the well-being of her loved ones.

The former supermodel discussed how she dealt with the painful symptoms of menopause and how they affected her physique. Her husband and boys, on the other hand, look after her to the best of their abilities, making things a bit easier for her.

Lancaster and her husband have a very close connection, which is why she communicates every change in her body and hormones with him. And when she feels the need for some alone time, she isn’t hesitant to ask for it.

She discussed how menopause is impacting her body and health. She has been getting incredibly intense sweats and then freezing cold, she said. Her body temperature is always shifting. It has an effect on one’s mood swings; she has gained weight.

She also discussed how her hormone fluctuations affect her. She described how she thought nothing was right one day. Something came over her while she was preparing supper in the kitchen, and she hurled the food across the room and started weeping.

Her boys were with her, and she begged them to wait a moment. Since the family has an open communication policy, it was not a problem because they addressed it in depth afterwards.

The former model saw how menopause was affecting her physique and was concerned about what it would entail for her. She remarked, This is the end of the road. She does not have any more sexual appeal.

When she grew older, the former supermodel desired to ensure that she was still giving back to society, so she went to police academy and became a cop.

She also received assistance in dealing with the symptoms of menopause.

Lancaster has embraced her new life stage and her post-menopausal figure. She went to the beach with her boys, wearing a bright bikini and flaunting her new figure in all its splendor.

Penny is a natural beauty🔥😍

Posted by Daily Star on Monday, 3 April 2023

The comments on her photos, on the other hand, were not all that complimentary. Several people expressed their desire to see Rod in a bikini. Another described her figure as a “horror.”

The remarks were very terrible. There were a lot of individuals who believed the former supermodel was in denial about how her physique looked.

Nonetheless, the unfavourable remarks are little in comparison to Rod’s feelings towards his beloved wife. He expressed his undying love for his wife. “No, she is absolutely the most gorgeous woman I have ever had in my life,” the musician stated of her.

Lancaster may be certain that, no matter what anybody thinks, her husband considers her immensely appealing and gorgeous. Whatever unpleasant insults are aimed at her, she may be soothed by her husband’s undying and unending love for her!

The Stewarts have such a lovely connection and have produced a beautiful family together. Share this article so that others may see what a lovely and loving spouse Rod Stewart has become!

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