Role Of A Father In A Child’s Life That Every Mother Would Agree Too.

Story by Brooke Teel

This one is for the dads.

The dads who change the 3am diapers & hand you the baby to nurse. The dads who provide the birth support you so desperately need. The dads who help you step into mesh underwear & unwrap the pad for you with understanding eyes.

The dads who assist you out of bed, place their hand on your back while walking the hospital hall. The dads who are the rock for the whole family, entertaining the bigs while tossing in a load of laundry.

The dads who wipe the postpartum hormonal tears & don’t ask why you are crying. The dads who bag the breast milk, who make the bottles & burp the baby too.

The dads who are just as tired themselves but won’t say because they want everyone to be cared for. The dads who look at your changed body, unkempt hair, milk stained shirt & genuinely tell you how beautiful you really are.

It’s the dads like you that play more of a part than us moms can ever express to you. So thank you over & over dads. Us moms, we see you, appreciate you & love you even more.

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