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Roseanne Barr Slammed For Looking ‘Pathetic’ And ‘Drunk’ As She Dances In New Video After Comeback.

After almost five years since ABC canceled Roseanne Barr’s sitcom, the actress has finally made a significant return! Roseanne Barr’s stand-up special “Cancel This” marked her comeback to the entertainment world.

Her program premiered on the streaming site on the same day as the documentary “Who Is Roseanne Barr?” about her career. In May 2018, the actress lost her role on “Roseanne” after posting a racist tweet.

Barr said at the time that Valerie Jarrett, a former counselor to President Barack Obama, was the product of the “Muslim Brotherhood and Planet of the Apes.” When management asked the comic to apologize on air, she reportedly disregarded their requests.

They responded by canceling “Roseanne,” immediately terminating the actress, and reviving the series as “The Conners” without her. She subsequently claimed, however, that they refused her the ability to apologize, and that when they first contacted her, she clarified that she had mistaken Jarrett, who was Black, for White.

Apparently, the celebrity requested to appear on her program and clarify, yet they refused and concluded that her apology was a fabrication. The comedian commemorated her return to Hollywood by dancing in a new video that received mixed reviews from her admirers.

Barr looked to be in good spirits when she videotaped herself singing in a vehicle and titled the resulting video “Fight the Power” in February 2023, just days after her comeback was revealed. At one time, she was seen dancing with a companion in front of a business.

In the comment area, supporters of the actress voiced their concerns, with one person saying, “Oh no! Mami is too drunk.” Someone else concurred with the first individual, but added three crying-laughing emoticons.

A third individual said the comic had “fallen off” and was now “pathetic” and “desperately selling out.” Another Instagram user said Barr’s “legacy” was “permanently tainted,” while another advised her to “hang it up” since she was beyond her prime and embarrassed herself.

The fan said that the celebrity seemed “like an idiot,” particularly for appearing on Tucker Carlson’s program. Another person said it wasn’t fair for a multimillionaire who was driven around by a chauffeur to tell people to fight against the power while acting like he was from the working class. This person referred to her as “pathetic.”

Not everybody, though, was dissatisfied with Barr, as one admirer joked that Barr, or “lady in red,” was their hero. Another admirer expressed their admiration for the comedian, calling her a “queen” and said that they could not image spending the evening with her.

The individual anticipated tears of laughter and rejoiced her homecoming. Someone person sent a teary-eyed laughing emoji and expressed a desire to hang out with the celebrity, while another fan reminisced about the day they were intoxicated and rode a bike carriage dressed as Bella on the AC Boardwalk.

The individual said that they did not regret their foolishness and that they were there for the video regardless of whether or not Barr was sober. Someone else said that the actress seemed to be having a “wonderful time,” while someone else deemed the clips to be “amazing.”

The fan wished to know who wouldn’t want to dance with the comic before professing their love and proclaiming that the celebrity rocked. While the actress received some fan support, she once felt betrayed by a previous co-star when her show was canceled.

Just thirty minutes before ABC announced the cancellation of “Roseanne,” Barr’s former co-star on the program, Sara Gilbert, tweeted how reprehensible her statements were. The former talk show host said that they did not represent the opinions of the cast, staff, or anybody involved with the program.

In 2019, the comedian said that Gilbert’s “destroyed the show and my life with that tweet. She will never get enough until she consumes my liver with a fine Chianti.” Gilbert subsequently acknowledged her heartbreak and disappointment at the show’s cancellation, stating that Barr would always be her family and she would always love her.

When questioned about how she was doing in February 2023, the actress said that she had endured and emerged victorious. Nonetheless, she stated that it had been frightening and characterized what occurred to her as a “witch-burning,”

Barr claimed that her experience was like “the dark night of the soul” and seemed like Satan had come against her to rip her apart as punishment for trusting in God. The comic bemoaned that she is the only one who’s lost everything, whose life’s work was stolen by individuals who she believed loved her.

She also claimed that there had been quiet, and no one in Hollywood backed her openly except Mo’nique. Barr hailed Mo’nique as intimate, bold, and a loyal friend, displaying her thanks for the fellow comedian and actress.

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