‘Rot In Hell,’ Heartbroken Victim’s Family Says As Man Gets 67-102 Years For Murder.

A guy who murdered an opponent outside a Grand Rapids hair salon was dubbed a “coward” on Monday before being sentenced to at least 65 half years in prison for the murder. 

“You’re a wuss. And now we have to suffer for the rest of our lives,” D’Andre Bullis Sr. ‘s mother addressed her son’s killer. “I wish you pain for the rest of your life.” 

Andy Gonzalez, 23, was convicted guilty of second-degree murder by a Kent County jury last month. In addition, he was found guilty of attempted murder for shooting Bullis’ cousin in the leg. 

On a Friday afternoon, the gunshots took place along Grandville Avenue near Cordelia Street SW. Bullis, who resided in Wyoming, was a dad of two. The incident was preceded by animosity between Gonzalez and Bullis. 

Sylvia Villarreal delivered a passionate victim impact statement, peppered with profanity at times, in which she wanted to know why her kid was slain. 

She yelled whether he realized what a nice child he was. She wants him to explain to her why he did that. Why? For what reason did he murdered her child?” she yelled. Gonzalez, who remained aside, was emotionless. Villarreal said to Gonzalez that he must be thrilled that her child is no more. She too is pleased since though her body is no longer alive but his spirit lives on. She is sure her son is right there with them and laughing at his killer. She asked him if her son made fun of him. That’s why he killed him isn’t it? 

She further expressed that not only will he suffer on Earth, but he will also suffer for the rest of his life in eternal damnation. Gonzalez didn’t speak to the court. 

The Kent County Prosecutor’s Office had sought a first-degree murder conviction, which conveys a required life sentence. Gonzalez, on the other hand, was found guilty of the lesser felony by the jury. 

Life in prison without the possibility of release isn’t a condemning choice second-degree murder, according to Kent County Circuit Court Judge George Quist. If the court sentenced Gonzalez to life in prison, “he may be qualified for parole in 15 years, which is not something I want to do here,” he said. 

Gonzalez was sentenced to between 65½ and 100 years for second-degree murder, and 35 to 100 years for endeavored murder; the terms will run concurrently. Gonzalez should initially serve a compulsory two years for utilizing a weapon. 

“If he serves all of this time, he’ll be eligible for parole at the age of 90,” Quist added. 

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