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ROYALLY AWKWARD!: Insider reveals drama behind Meghan’s car ride to Queen’s memorial

As the parade of automobiles conveying the senior royals to Westminster passed past the densely crowded people that lined the streets of London, there were audible gasps. Not because of the ceremonial majesty for which London is recognized across the world, but because of Meghan Markle and Sophie, Countess of Wessex. The two ladies sat in the car together – considering their history and everything that had happened before, who thought this was a good idea?

Sophie looked as tranquil as ever in a black long-sleeved belted midi dress for the event, according to the royal custom of somber attire during the mourning period. The princess accessorized simply with a silver cross necklace and a black hat.

The Countess of Wessex accompanied her husband and other members of the royal family, including Kate, Princess of Wales, Queen Consort Camilla, and Princess Beatrice, in Westminster Hall to commemorate Queen Elizabeth II. But all eyes were on the car in which former cable TV actress Meghan Markle sat, reveling in the reflected glory of the family she alleges behaved so poorly during her brief employment with them.

Sophie received a lot of solace from Queen Elizabeth II throughout the years. She and the now-queen consort were the only non-blood relatives in Balmoral following the monarch’s death, with Sophie earlier dubbed as Elizabeth II’s “second daughter.” Both had a strong interest in military history and could frequently be seen spending hours examining records in the Royal Archives at Windsor and then sharing their discoveries over afternoon tea and jam sandwiches – such a tight friendship.

Meghan cannot say the same since she never gave it much time to build a relationship. The monarch greeted Meghan with wide arms, breaking several conventions to make Markle feel unique and accepted. And, of course, Meghan was able to utilize this information in her interviews across all levels of media to describe how unwelcoming the family looked to be, from no one providing her style or royal recommendations to even the words “God Save the Queen.”

Sophie is well-known for having little tolerance for the former actress, even making light of the issue with Meghan following her shocking interview with Oprah.

When questioned about the interview while chatting with a British newspaper, Sophie, an ex-public relations professional, responded, “Oprah Who?” slamming down whatever influence she thought chat show queen Oprah Winfrey possessed.

But now, after the sideline jab at the Sussexes’ final public appearance, and understanding the terrible grief that Meghan and Harry had heaped on the queen, Sophie couldn’t force herself to glance in her way, such was the mood on that fateful day.

Returning to the image at hand. Meghan was said to have nearly crumpled when she was told she would be sharing a car with Sophie – after all, she had anticipated driving in with her husband, Prince Harry. But when Harry consented to go behind the late queen’s coffin, everything changed, prompting Meghan to experience what some call a “moment.”

One can only guess what she was thinking. After all, Sophie understands better than anyone, having worked in public relations prior to becoming a royal, how demanding, irritating, and downright self-centered fading queens of Hollywood can be. To say the vehicle ride felt like a ride on a Coney Island roller coaster would be an understatement.

No words were said, but it seems that Sophie’s decision to share the automobile with a cousin has harmed her pride in the royal family. Is it any surprise Meghan clutched her husband Harry’s hand so firmly as they were reunited in Westminster Hall?

While Sophie has been tight-lipped about the event to people outside of her close circle, a source assures that she wanted to do this personally since she does believe in confronting any situation front on. Sophie’s expertise in public relations has prepared her to cope with any difficulties that arise, but what’s more noteworthy is that the incident has left Meghan “disturbed.”

It is true that this is not the time for a brickbat, but let us not overlook that it was Ms. Markle who put herself in this bad PR situation and then waltzed back to the family she gutted on TV, all while reassuring the public that she was “ready to forgive” only last month in a strange yet compelling interview with the little read Cut magazine.

What Meghan failed to recognize is that, aside from her own, the family she obviously despises sticks together, and Sophie has demonstrated her dedication to the late queen by stepping up and sitting in the car with an individual who, along with her husband, has done so much harm to the beloved late queen and her monarchy – how proud she must have been that Sophie is that girl?

Lastly, if Meghan remains, she may wind herself in the same car again during the burial, as Harry may be pulled out to perform another duty, putting Meghan insecure and very much alone with the folks who greeted her and, according to her, treated her so badly.

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