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Ryan Reynolds Shares a Cute Selfie with Wife Blake Lively Before Their 11th Wedding Anniversary

Even though Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are getting ready to mark their 11th wedding anniversary this weekend, their puppy love is still going strong.

The 46-year-old Free Guy actor took a photo on Wednesday with his actress wife and their Golden Retriever, Baxter, standing in the center.

As they leaned in for the adorable picture opportunity, which Reynolds posted to his Instagram Story, Lively, 36, and Reynolds both had big grins and seemed to be wearing casual clothing.

Just under two weeks ago, he wished Lively a happy birthday on Instagram with a sentimental remark that was posted with some images of the It Ends with Us star.

Other pictures featured the Gossip Girl star laughing with the ocean in the background and posing with Reynolds among a variety of outdoor locations, all of which were inspired by a breathtaking photograph of Lively sitting at a table on the beach at night.

“The only thing irrevocably mine in the world is the love, appreciation, and awe I feel for this person,” Reynolds wrote with the picture slideshow.

“Witnessing her life is something I couldn’t take for granted if I tried. And believe me, I try,” he added. “Happy Birthday, @blakelively. You hung the damn moon.”

The pair has been married for 11 years; they have four children together: daughters James, 8, Inez, 7, and Betty, 4, as well as a fourth kid that Lively disclosed they had secretly welcomed back in February.

Even on their birthdays, Lively and Reynolds are renowned for cheekily mocking one another on social media, but they sometimes share more somber tributes to one another.

Last year, Reynolds wished his wife, Blake Lively, a happy birthday by posting, “Happy Birthday, @blakelively. You’re spectacular. I’m not sure if you were born or invented. Also, thank you for urging me to leave the house every now and again.”

Even back in September 2020, the Deadpool star took to social media to wish Baxter a happy birthday by posting two images of the two of them together, one of which shows Reynolds giving the dog a hearty kiss on the head.

“Happy Birthday, Bax. I’d bake you a cake, but it would kill you,” Reynolds wrote. “Not because you’re a dog. Everything I bake is poison. If I had to go to war, I’d just bring a toaster oven.”

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