Sad Puppy At Shelter REACTS To Firefighter Who Saved Him.

It was a chilly, early-October day when the Number 14 firefighting crew drove past Chunk. Chunk is a 3-month-old pitbull. She was tied to a tree, cold, shivering and suffering from the mange. No one was there to take care of her, and those firefighters passing by on the way to a call noticed that. So on the way back from the call, the crew stopped and picked up the dog, and then they took her back to the station with them so she could warm up. And while there, they gave her a lot of love.

Her legs were swollen and, because of that mange, she had lost a lot of hair. She had obviously been through some rough times, including what appeared to be abuse. After spending some time at the station, some firefighters took her to the Front Street Animal Shelter so she could get some good care and, hopefully, find a new home.

The staff at the shelter spent a good amount of time caring for the dog, and treating her mange. And during that time, she kept having a frequent visitor. It was Mike Thawley, one of the firefighters who rescued her from the bitter elements.

And Chunk was sure glad to see him. He then brought his wife and three daughters to visit with the dog. And they quickly fell in love with her, just like Mike. So the family soon started the adoption process for Chunk. And, after 4 months to fully treat her mange and finally getting a clean bill of health, the dog was released to her forever family.

Says shelter spokesman Bobby Mann: “I think what’s great about this whole story is that not only did this dog find its forever home, but had the opportunity to go to a foster home, which we’re always looking for at our shelter, to get happy and healthy.”

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