Salesman Humiliates Woman, Then Instantly Regrets His Decision.

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For context, I’m in Nairobi, Kenya (Yes, it’s a place. Yes, it’s in Africa. Yes, we have electricity and running water) and I’m a bit of a late bloomer, so I look more like a 23 year old but I’m 32. Also, I’m a photographer and I dress for comfort, so I more often than not look homeless.

Back to the story.

I looked up what I wanted online and saw it was available at one of the major chains, but since I was free, I decided to go to the store in person. I went straight to the section with laundry equipment and one of the salesman came to me. I was busy checking out the model I wanted, opening the door, reading the spec sheet and whatnot, so after he greeted me, we started talking about it.

He asked if I’m interested in buying it and I told him I’m considering it and asked for the price. It was just shy of $900 (I knew from their website) but since I was in the store, I asked if they had in-store discounts or discounts for return customers and enquired about their payment plans. I had bought a cooker there a few months before, so I knew all these things existed, and while I could afford to buy the washer outright, it would have left me a little cash strapped and I wanted to spread the payment over two or three weeks. Also, I’m frugal so I always look for discounts.

At around this time, a well dressed couple came into the same section, probably looking to buy something as well, and as soon as the salesman saw them, he walked to them and left me hanging.

I called to him like “Hey, I wasn’t done.” and he said “I’m serving a client now. I’ll come back to you in a bit. In the meantime, look around for something you can afford.”

I was furious, but I’m a bit of a coward, so I walked away and went to the customer service station and started making my inquiry all over again. The attendant offered to call a sales agent for me (the same guy. Apparently he’s the go-to guy for washing machines) but I declined. I told her I already knew what I wanted and I just needed someone to help me with the paperwork and payment and I’ll be on my way.

She did just that, I paid the full amount out of spite, and as we were finishing up, the salesman came up to her claiming I was his client, which I denied, and the attendant listed herself as the sales agent. It turns out they earn a 10% commission from each sale and the guy just missed out on a decent bonus. Salesmen earn around $300 plus commissions monthly.

As I left, I turned to him and said “Turns out I could afford it” with the biggest grin I could muster. Felt good. Best part? The couple he ditched me for left without buying anything.

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